10 Fantastic Trails near Quebec City

Outdoor adventurers, here are your best hikes near Quebec.

Most of the hiking trails around Quebec City are not meant for a mid-day stroll—they ask that you go all in or stay at home. There are mountains close to the city, but on these trails, you’ll feel as though you’re days away from civilization. Pack some snacks and your best boots for these uphill treks.

Canyon Sainte-Anne


Length: 1.5 km
Time: 30 minutes – 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

Climb over suspension bridges and gaze out onto rushing rapids: this waterfall is higher than Niagara Falls and has a fraction of the tourists. Still not breaking a sweat? Challenge yourself post-hike and experience a new level of elevation with the 50 kilometre per hour  zip lines.

How do I get to the trailhead?: From Quebec City, take Highway 40 or 440 and follow the signs for Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre. In Sainte-Anne, stay on Route 138 East towards Baie-Saint-Paul.

Read more about this trail: quebecregion.com

Distance from Quebec City:  41 km

Credit: Jean-David & Anne-Laure Flickr cc by sa 2.0

Acropole des Draveurs

Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie National Park

Length: 11.2 km roundtrip
Elevation Gain:  800 m
Time: 4 – 6 hours
Difficulty: Hard

This hike will have your calves hurting and your heart pumping, so come prepared with snacks and water. The view of the Rivière Malbaie and surrounding mountains makes the whole excursion “vaut la peine.”

How do I get to the trailhead?: From Route 138 take the direction of Saint-Aime-des-Lacs and continue on Principale Street. Continue following the signs for 27 kilometres and then you’ll end up at the park entrance. The trail begins from Pin Blanc campground.

Read more about this trail: sepaq.com

Distance from Quebec City: 160 km

Le Scotora Trail

Length: 15.5 km one-way
Elevation Gain: 400 m
Time: 5 – 6 hours
Difficulty: Difficult

La Scotora wins our vote for best lookout in Park Jacques-Cartier by far. Get through the initial climb, and eventually you’ll reach the Andante mount at 809 metres high!

How do I get to the trailhead?: From Quebec City take Highway 175 and enter at the southern entrance to Jacques-Cartier park.

Read more about this trail: canadatrails.ca

Distance from Quebec City: 45 km

Cap Tourmente National Wildlife Area

Length: 20 km total
Time: 1 – 3 hours
Difficulty: Easy – Moderate

Choose from seven well-marked trail options. Hitting the St. Lawrence River wetlands is worth every minute. On a good day, you’ll catch protected wildlife along the way.

How do I get to the trailhead?: From Quebec City, take Highway 175 and follow the autoroute 440 E to Prevost road in Beaupre. Follow Ave Royale to Chemin du Cap Tourment in Saint-Joachim.

Read more about this trail: ec.gc.ca

Distance from Quebec City: 47 km



Length: 42 km total
Time: 1 – 5 hours
Difficulty: Varies

Mont-Sainte-Anne has fun for the whole family between the calm “La Pichard” to the intense “La Liberiste” trail. Hang around the base for the day or venture through the mountain and get lost in its magic. Note: trail access fees apply.

How do I get to the trailhead?: From Quebec City take Highway 175 N to 360 E in Beaupre. Continue on Boul Beaupre Hwy 360 to your destination.

Read more about this trail: mont-sainte-anne.com

Distance from Quebec City: 49 km

Sentier des Falaises (Cliff Trail)

Vallee Bras du Nord

Length: 17 km roundtrip
Time:  4+ hours
Elevation Gain: 400 m
Difficulty: Moderate

Aptly named for its lookout points that yield awe-inspiring views, this hike is a true Quebec treasure. Hop in a canoe and pack a tent; you’ll want to stay awhile.

How do I get to the trailhead?: Take the QC-175 N to Autoroute 40 to QC-367 N in Saint-Raymond and continue onto Vallee Bras-du-Nord. Depart from Home Shannahan.

Read more about this trail: valleebrasdunord.com

Distance from Quebec City: 60 km

Credit: Jean-Pierre Magnan Flickr cc by 2.0

Sentier des Caps de Charlevoix

Length: 51 km total
Time: Varies
Difficulty: Easy – Difficult

Break up these hiking trails into short jaunts or multi-day hikes. The trail runs through forest, along cliffs and offers views of the Saint Lawrence River.

How do I get to the trailhead?: Take QC-175 to to QC-138 E in Saint-Tite-des-Caps. There is a bus available from Quebec City.

Read more about this trail: sentierdescaps.com

Bloggers who have lived the adventure: awomanafoot.com

Distance from Quebec City: 52 km

Marais-Léon-Provancher Natural Reserve


Length: 5 km total
Time: 1.5 hours
Difficulty: Easy

A simple and still reserve that provides well-marked trails through marsh, forest and along the shore of the Saint Lawrence River. Use this trail as a meditative experience or to observe an abundance of native wildlife. Dogs are allowed on leash.

How do I get to the trailhead?: Take QC 175 to Autoroute 440. Then, take QC 138 to Rue des Illets.

Read more about this trail: provancher.org

Distance from Quebec City: 34 km

Les Loups Trail

Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier

Length: 11 km roundtrip
Elevation Gain: 475 m
Time: 3 – 4 hours
Difficulty: Difficult

Get your legs ready for this rocky hike up Sautauriski Mountain. The first half proves to be challenging and quite muddy, but the finishing view of the Jacques-Cartier Valley steals our hearts every time.

How do I get to the trailhead? Depart from Chemin du Parc‐National at km 16.

Read more: quebecregion.com

Distance from Quebec City: 45 km

Sentier du Mont du Lac des Cygnes

Parc national des Grands-Jardins

Length: 8.6 km roundtrip
Elevation Gain: 500 m
Time: 4 hours
Difficulty: Difficult

Never has a hike been so worth the drive than where you’re surrounding yourself by the mountains, the St. Lawrence River, and the Charlevoix crater. Take a well-deserved seat after this one, and take it all in.

How do I get to the trailhead?: Take QC 138 to QC 381. The trail leaves from the visitor’s centre on Route 381 at km 21.

Read more about this trail: pleinair-qc.com

Distance from Quebec City: 124 km

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