10 of the Best Hikes Near Abbotsford, BC

The burgeoning community of Abbotsford, British Columbia, is known for its fields of tulips, blueberries and fresh farm produce. Just an hour from Vancouver, the city’s hiking and trail networks are easily accessible from the city and offer new ways to discover nature, local wildlife and enjoy views of the agricultural Fraser Valley and the Coast Mountains on both sides of the border.

Pack binoculars, snacks, good footwear and set off to explore Abbotsford.

Abby Grind

Length: 4 km

Elevation gain: 320 m

Less steep and far less packed with people than its counterpart in North Vancouver (Grouse Grind), the Abby Grind is a short-and-sweet trail that leads to an open rock face and beautiful views over nearby verdant farmland. There are quarter-mile markers—and no stairs—to encourage you on your way up the dirt path.

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Clayburn Creek Trail

Length: 4.5 km

Elevation gain: 109 m

A great trail to do any time of year, this gravel pathway passes through a green, forested creek area, with wildflowers visible on the valley floor in summer months. The trail incorporates the Auguston Stairs which offer an extra cardio component to this hike experience.

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Downes Bowl Trail

Length: 3 km

Elevation gain: 55 m

This easy looping trail is part of a larger trail network within Clearbrook Park that includes the Discovery Trail, in the center of Abbotsford. The terrain’s bowl-shaped landscape includes large marsh areas blooming with skunk cabbage in summer, several bridges, boardwalks and streams that are home to birds and wildlife.

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Discovery Trail (Gardner Park to Exhibition Park)

Length: 12.4 km

Elevation gain: 115 m

This easy, multi-use trail is suitable for hikers, runners and mountain bikers. The urban trail is paved and passes through several wooded areas and along a couple small ponds that attract waterfowl, making it attractive for birders and families. The full trail continues through Abbotsford and is more than 30 kilometres long.

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Ledgeview Trail

Length: 5.5 km

Elevation gain: 260 m

While the trail signage can be confusing at times (keep to the Mixed Bag Trail), this meandering path is popular with both hikers and mountain bikers. The trail climbs through lush temperate rainforest and across small creeks towards McKee peak. Watch for riders as well as patches of stinging nettles.

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Willband Creek Park

Length: 2.6 km

Elevation gain: Minimal

With more than 139 different bird species seen in this park, Willband Creek is a paradise for birders. The trail is a flat loop around two calm retention ponds that are active with herons and ducks. Bring binoculars to spot birds and to enjoy the views of the nearby mountain peaks.

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Matsqui Trail (Walter Road to Abbotsford-Mission Bridge)

Length: 6 km

Elevation gain: Minimal

This well-groomed level trail takes hikers along the Fraser River at Matsqui Trail Regional Park. The hike gives visitors views of riverbanks overlooking Mission, tranquil farmland and the surrounding Cascade mountains. While the full length of the trail is nearly 27 kilometres, this shorter section, from the entrance of the park at Walter Road to Abbotsford-Mission Bridge, is still a great stroll in nature.

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Sumas Mountain Regional Park

Length: 17 km

Elevation gain: 968 m

This attractive roundtrip scales up quickly with some steep sections leading to Sumas Viewpoint. Stop to enjoy several other good lookouts of the valley along the trail, including Baker Rock and Eastern Lookout. Go early to avoid crowds and pack a swimsuit to enjoy a dip in Chadsley Lake.

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Sumas Super Grind

Length: 3.9 km

Elevation gain: 907 m

An intense out-and-back trail that rises quickly and steeply up the slope with sections of loose gravel that will give good hiking boots a run for their money. The path opens onto some rewarding views of Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley at the top.

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Taggart Peak

Length: 11 km

Elevation gain: 850 m

This meandering forested out-and-back trail with a steady elevation gain and steep sections includes most of the Abby Grind, and makes for a great climbing workout. Beware of stinging nettles in some patches so stay in the middle of the pathway as much possible. Enjoy lush foliage in the summer, or more expansive views in spring and fall.

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