10 of the Best Hikes Near Brandon, Manitoba

Brandon, Manitoba may be part of the Canadian Prairies but if you think there is no elevation—think again! The town’s prime location just one hour’s drive south of Riding Mountain National Park and proximity to a number of provincial parks make it a fantastic hiking hub.

Stretch your legs with some of these top hiking trails in and near Brandon, Manitoba!

Assiniboine Riverbank Trail

Length: 17 km

Elevation Gain: Minimal

This 17-kilometre trail follows the beautiful Assiniboine River as it meanders through Brandon. While it has both paved and gravel patches, the entire trail is easy to complete and great for families. Be sure to stop by the Riverbank Discovery Centre at the start of the trail.

How Do I Get to the Trailhead? Head east onto Kirkcaldy Drive from Highway 10, then turn onto Conservation Drive. Follow it until the end of the circle.

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North Face Loop

Length: 5.5 km

Elevation Gain: Minimal

Keep your eyes peeled as it’s not uncommon to spot wildlife along this trail. Brandon Hills Wildlife Management Area is popular with Brandon’s locals and can be busy on weekends. You can also make your hike longer by connecting with additional trails like the A Loop and B Line.

How Do I Get to the Trailhead? Parking lot and trailhead are located just off of Road 108 West.

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Spirit Sands & Devil’s Punch Bowl

Length: 10 km

Elevation Gain: 130 m

Wander over sand dunes and enjoy the gorgeous wildflowers as you explore Manitoba’s “desert.” (It’s not really a desert, though.) Continue on to the Devil’s Punch Bowl and admire the brilliant turquoise waters from the trail, which also offers a beautiful boardwalk. Photographers will want to have their camera handy!

How Do I Get to the Trailhead? The trail is located just off of PTH 5 in Spruce Woods Provincial Park.

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Spring Ridge Trail

Length: 1.1 km

Elevation Gain: Minimal

Enjoy a quiet, easy hike as you meander through lush forest. Interpretive signage will teach you how spring water shaped the valley wall. Don’t forget to check out the Steels Ferry Lookout as you’ll be blown away by the breathtaking views of the Assiniboine River!

How Do I Get to the Trailhead? Located just north of Spirit Sands and Devil’s Punchbowl in Spruce Woods Provincial Park.

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Dari Isle Hill Loop

Length: 2.6 km

Elevation Gain: Minimal

This trail can be a little tricky as the trailheads aren’t clearly marked. After a steep incline, the trail levels out and you’ll be treated to great views of the Minnedosa Lake, the dam and the town of Minnedosa.

How Do I Get to the Trailhead? Park on the side of the road just south of the 3rd Street and 8th Avenue NE intersection in Minnedosa.

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Rosedale Farm Trail

Length: 5.1 km

Elevation Gain: 114 m

Referred to as one of Manitoba’s hidden gems, this trail takes you through a number of forested areas and meadows. You’ll be amazed by the variety of landscapes you’ll find along it! It is well maintained and offers fairly level terrain but beware of tripping hazards like tree roots.

How Do I Get to the Trailhead? Located on the northern side of Route 265 between the towns of Polonia and Eden.

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Langford Trails Loop

Length: 9.5 km

Elevation Gain: 164 m

Beautiful, well-kept series of trails that have an abundance of wildflowers, best enjoyed in the summer months. Don’t miss the big red chair on Loop 3! Bears are known to frequent the area, so be bear aware.

How Do I Get to the Trailhead? Parking lot and trailhead located southeast of Neepawa at coordinates 50.18076, -99.31760.

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Grey Owl

Length: 8.7 km

Elevation Gain: 313 m

Experience the wilderness that Archie Belaney (a settler who called himself Grey Owl) explored as he stayed at Beaver Lodge Lake. The cabin at the end of the trail makes for a great resting point so enjoy the views before heading back the way you came.

How Do I Get to the Trailhead? Trailhead is located just off of PTH 10 on Route 19 in Riding Mountain National Park.

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Ominik Marsh

Length: 1.4 km

Elevation Gain: Minimal

A very family-friendly floating boardwalk trail that takes you through marshland. It’s not uncommon to spot muskrat and beavers going about their day. If travelling with kids, visit the Friends of Riding Mountain and rent a Marsh Kit for extra fun.

How Do I Get to the Trailhead? Trailhead is located just off of PTH 10 on Route 19 in Riding Mountain National Park.

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Bald Hill & Gorge Creek Trail

Length: 20.9 km

Elevation Gain: 604 m

If you’re looking for a challenge, you’ll find it with this trail in Riding Mountain National Park. Enjoy breathtaking views of the valley from the Bald Hill lookout. The hike can be a haven for mosquitoes so bring bug spray. It’s a challenging hike but worth every step!

How Do I Get to the Trailhead? Head west along Route 19 from the East Gate and you’ll see the trailhead on your right.

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BONUS: Souris Swinging Bridge

Length: 0.5 km

Elevation Gain: Minimal

This isn’t as much of a hike as it is an interesting destination in Manitoba. The Souris Swinging Bridge is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Canada. The bridge spans 184 metres across the Souris River.

How Do I Get to the Trailhead? Parking is available on The Drive and Snowden Street South.

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