10 of the Best Hikes Near Moncton, New Brunswick

The largest population centre in New Brunswick is also a hiking hub. With access to lush mixed-woods forest, lofty hills and mountains and the Fundy Coast—options seem endless. Where to begin?

Scroll through our hand-picked list of the best hikes near Moncton, New Brunswick:

Haut-du-Ruisseau Nature Park Loop

Length: 2.5 km

Elevation gain: 41 km

This easy loop trail is great for hiking with your dog and your kids, there’s plenty of shade along the way and the trail is well maintained. During your hike through the woods, you’ll come across some bridges and stairs. Previous hikers have also commented that this is a beautiful trail to do in the winter.

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Hopewell Cape

Length: 2.7 km

Elevation gain: 115 m

If you’re only going to do one hike in the Moncton area, make it this one. This is an easy hike located at famous Hopewell Rocks, and you’ll be walking along the water’s edge. The stone pillars along the beach are a sight to behold, and of course the water always provides a gorgeous view. Dogs are allowed on this trail, but be sure to keep them on a leash. And don’t forget your camera for this one!

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Demoiselle Beach Trail

Length: 1.6 km

Elevation gain: 40 m

Another stunning hike along the beach, Demoiselle Beach Trail is also located at Hopewell Rocks. This is an out-and-back hike through the woods, ending at the beach. If you time your adventure for when the tide is out, you can walk along the rocks. Dogs are allowed on the trail, as long as they are leashed.

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Mapleton Acadian Forest Nature Preserve

Length: 2.6 km

Elevation gain: 119 m

Set within an old-growth Acadian forest, this loop trail has some hilly sections, so be sure to wear good hiking boots for this one. If you have the time, pack a picnic and spend it in the apple orchard you’ll find along the way, and there are wild berries and other edibles that grow along the trail. The Elgin Eco Association looks after this trail, which is part of a network of lands protected by the New Brunswick Nature Trust.

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Elgin Eco Association Trail

Length: 12.2 km

Elevation gain: 364 m

Accessible year-round, this loop trail is rated as moderate and is often used for hiking, walking, mountain biking and snowshoeing. Dogs are also allowed on the trail, as long as they’re leashed. The trail is a well-maintained, single-track footpath. Parking is available nearby at an old cemetery, well off the road. Previous hikers claim cell service is spotty in this area, so it would be worthwhile to bring a paper map.

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Dobson Trail: Prosser Brook Road To Beaverbrook Hut

Length: 4.7 km

Elevation gain: 124 m

Rated as moderate and going for a decent distance, this trail is a great option if you’re looking to stretch your legs and sweat a bit. You’ll want to wear some sturdy hiking boots for this trip. This trail is an out-and-back, taking you to the Beaverbrook Hut. Pack a lunch and stay a while to enjoy the view before heading back.

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Hayward Pinnacle

Length: 4 km

Elevation gain: 231 m

This is another trail rated as moderate that will get your heart rate up. Hayward Pinnacle is an out-and-back trail that is mostly uphill going out (and then, of course, downhill on the way back!) and there are beautiful, sweeping views of the area once you reach the top. Best used between April and October, this trail is also open to dogs.

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Fairview Knoll Park Trail

Length: 1 km

Elevation gain: 21 m

This short, flat trail is perfect for a family adventure, especially considering there’s a playground, picnic area and splash-pad along the trail. There are pretty forest views along the way, and if this trail isn’t quite long enough, there are others in the immediate area you could also tackle. Dogs can trot this trail, but they must be kept on a leash.

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Rotary St-Anselme Park Loop

Length: 4.7 km

Elevation gain: 73 m

This beautiful, easy loop trail, located on the outskirts on Moncton, offers wide trails through a small, wooded park. There is a sports facility, playground and splash-pad here, making this an excellent trail for families. Previous hikers have stated the trails aren’t very well indicated, and there are several in the immediate area, so it might be a good idea to bring a map along with you.

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Sentier de Dieppe Trail

Length: 5.6 km

Elevation gain: 161 m

This beautiful trail is an easy way to get out and get exercise without going too far from home. The trail will take you through some forested areas, through residential areas and along a boardwalk. This is an out-and-back trail that’s kid and dog friendly. The trail starts just off Melanson Road and ends at Boisee Street.

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