10 of the Best Hiking Trails Near Winnipeg, Manitoba

10 hiking trails that will get you off the sofa and into some spectacular Prairie wilderness

Winnipeg is a bustling city, full of historic centers that host interactive activities, urban warehouses that have been converted to boutiques and bars, and abundant green spaces that burst with summer concerts and festivals. While the capital of Manitoba is exciting enough, the surrounding landscape is a hiker’s dream. You’ll have to trek quite far from the city for these treasured trails, but we promise—they’re worth the drive.


Seine River Greenway

Trail length: 7 km (with shorter trail options)
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation gain: Minimal
Why it’s awesome: Forest carvings, wildlife and historical fur trading routes 

This trail skirts the Seine River in Winnipeg, passing historic buildings beneath giant canopies of green. It’s an ideal place for a morning run, an afternoon jog, or an evening stroll. 

Directions to the Seine River Greenway trailheadClick here 

Distance from Winnipeg: In the south of the city


Oak Hammock Marsh

Trail length: 30 km total
Difficulty: Easy
Why it’s awesome: Conserved wetlands bordered by dykes 

Follow wooden boardwalks, grassy trails and gravel paths around ecologically intriguing marshes. Hundreds of animals, including nearly 300 species of birds, call this habitat home, so respect the wildlife you encounter on your hike. You can also learn about the marsh at the Interpretive Centre.

Directions to the Oak Hammock Marsh trailheadoakhammockmarsh.ca/directions 

Distance from Winnipeg: Approx. 40 km


Tamarack Trail

Bird’s Hill Provincial Park

Trail length: 11.5 km
Difficulty: Intermediate
Elevation gain: 40 m
Why it’s awesome: Fishing for rainbow and brown trout in Kingfisher Lake, hay rides and mountain biking

This trail is shared by hikers, cyclists and horseback riders. It covers the natural area in Bird’s Hill Provincial Park, meaning the trail may be wet and mucky in some sections. 

Directions to the Tamarack Trail trailheadClick here 

Distance from Winnipeg: 25 km


Pinawa Trail

Trail length: 28 km 
Difficulty: Easy – Difficult
Why it’s awesome: Heritage trails, beaver dams and wildlife viewing 

This section of the Trans-Canada Trail boasts granite ridges, mixed forest and fruit-bearing trees in the fall. A diverse range of resident birds and wildlife populate the area, making it a magnet for birders. The trail runs from Pinawa Dam Provincial Park to the Seven Sisters Generating Station. 

Directions to the Pinawa Trail trailheadClick here 

Distance from Winnipeg: 120 km


Ancient Beach Trail

Grand Beach Provincial Park

Trail length: 2.1 km return 
Difficulty: Intermediate
Elevation Gain: 30 m
Why it’s awesome: A quick one-hour hike through thousands of years of historical landscape

On the surface, this hike looks short and easy; but the steep climbs and descents, sandy terrain and pesky poison ivy will surprise unprepared hikers. Wear proper footwear and bring plenty of bug spray to ensure an enjoyable hike. Bonus: if you want to stay awhile longer, there are camping bays right nearby.

Directions to the Ancient Beach trailheadClick here 

Distance from Winnipeg: Approx. 99 km


Mantario Trail

Whiteshell Provincial Park

Trail length: 63 km 
Difficulty: Difficult
Elevation gain: 40 m (up and down)
Why it’s awesome: Black bear sightings, two major trailheads and 10 campsites to sleep in!  

Experienced backpackers will have their skills tested on this beautiful wilderness hiking trail. The trail crosses some of the country’s oldest rock in the Canadian Shield, passing peat bogs, streams and lakes. Most hikers take three to four days to complete the entire trail.

Directions to the Mantario Trail trailheadwildernesssupply.ca/mantario-trail-hiking-guide 

Distance from Winnipeg: 108 km


Hunt Lake

Whiteshell Provincial Park

Trail length: 12.6 km return 
Difficulty: Intermediate
Elevation gain: 270 m 
Why it’s awesome: Incredible views 

Description: This hardy climb winds through cedars and eastern white pines along the shores of West Hawk Lake. Most hikers take three hours to complete the trek, but it’s wise to leave extra time to soak in the views. 

Directions to the Hunt Lake trailheadClick here 

Distance from Winnipeg: 108 km


Rainbow Falls

Whiteshell Provincial Park

Trail length: 8 km
Difficulty: Intermediate
Why it’s awesome: A small cascading waterfall and pleasant place for a picnic.

Allow three hours to complete this hike, leaving from Jessica Lake Lodge, passing through White Lake Campground and continuing to the waterfall.

Directions to the Rainbow Falls trailheadwhiteshell.mb.ca/hiking 

Distance from Winnipeg: 147 km


Hecla/Grindstone Provincial Park

Trail length: Varies
Difficulty: Varies
Why it’s awesome: Island trails, serene cabins and a scenic golf course. 

Choose from a plethora of hikes, including the 1.5 km round-trip Lighthouse Trail, the 10-km return West Quarry Trail and the hearty 22-km one-way Black Wolf Trail. In the summer, you can join a guided walk through Hecla Village, cozy up for traditional campfire stories or go for a swim at white-sand Sunset Beach.

Directions to the Hecla/Grindstone trailheadClick here 

Distance from Winnipeg: Approx. 160 km


Spirit Sands & Devil’s Punch Bowl


Trail length: Varies
Difficulty: Varies
Why it’s awesome: Cacti, sand dunes, high temperatures, and refreshing rain. 

There are a variety of trails that sprout from the main trailhead. You can trek to a canoe launch, an interpretive shelter, or Devil’s Punch Bowl, which is the highlight of the area. 

Directions to the Spirit Sands trailheadClick here 

Distance from Winnipeg: Approx. 180 km


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