14 YouTube Videos That Will Get You Stoked For Adventure This Weekend

Looking for something to stoke your fire? Check out our favourite YouTube videos, then get out there and make your own!

Ah, YouTube. That great time waster…

Well—not always a waste. In fact, for us it’s been the source of a lot of great info and inspiration—especially when it comes to the outdoors. 

But you knew that.

What you likely don’t know are the URLs to these 14 videos, below. We’ve hand-selected them for your enjoyment—14 outdoorsy YouTubes that you (likely) haven’t seen yet—but are awesome!

Some are informative. Some are funny. Some just get the stoke going. All are Canadian.

Start with Explore magazine contributor Jim Baird, and work your way down:

Jim Baird’s Kesagami Adventure

Jim Baird has written for Explore a couple of times, with a special feature to appear in our Winter 2018 issue. This is a great series of his epic Kesagami adventure. Sure to get the paddling stoke fired up!

Nova Scotia Canoe Tripping in VR

We LOVE this video, produced by our Kevin Callan (The Happy Camper) along with Birchbark Media. It really shows off next-gen technology. It’s VR without the need for special goggles (though they help).

Inspiring Surf Stoke with Cape Breton Youth

If you read the Fall 2016 issue of Explore, you’ll remember this inspiring story. If not—here is a behind-the-scenes look at a wonderful program for Mi’kmaq on Cape Breton Island. Surfing connects!

18 Backpacking Trips in Canada

What are you waiting for? If these 18 all-Canadian backpacking adventures don’t get your heart racing… well… then we have nothing for you. Move along.

The Happy Camper’s Trippy Gear Review

Of all Kevin Callan’s gear review videos, this one makes us laugh the most. (Careful with those edibles, Gary!) But, it’s not just funny—there are some great new gadgets within.

A Heli-Tour of Tofino

Sit back, relax and take in the sights and sounds of beautiful Tofino, British Columbia. From black bears, to whales, to surfers to a wrecked Second World War plane (seriously), here is a bird’s-eye tour of the region.

Workouts & Rewards

These women know how to workout right. For one, this video inspired us to break out the skinny tires and hit the blacktop. Secondly, it made us really want some authentic Quebec poutine.

Solo With Camper Christina

Camper Christina connects with her audience because she is real, honest and open. Here, she documents what it’s really like to go on a solo camping trip. And it’s not always great—but it’s always an adventure.

Artist in the Wild

If you don’t yet know about Corey Trepanier, it’s time you got acquainted. He’s one of Canada’s best artists, depicting some of our most beautiful regions.

Best Bannock Recipe (From Billy)

Ah, we love Billy. His energy is contagious! And this sweet how-to video has us craving some campfire bannock. (Watch the subtitles if you don’t speak French.)

Poetry of Adventure

Conor Mihell has contributed some of the most memorable features in Explore magazine (with another winner coming in summer). Here, he and his wife blend poetry with exploration in Ontario’s Wabakimi Provincial Park.

"I Was Born There"

Labrador’s Torngat Mountains National Park is so staggeringly beautiful it brings a tear to the eye. But the human stories within are even more touching still.

TEDx Goes Outdoors

In the words of Monty Python: “And now for something completely different.” Explore contributor Frank Wolf’s inspiring TEDx talk discusses a new side to adventure.

Capturing the Coast

Yes, we know this is Vimeo and not YouTube. Don’t sweat the details, OK? Tofino-based photographer Marcus Paladino “Captures the Coast” with his serene slideshow.

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