6 of the Best Outdoor Adventures in the Dominican Republic

Sunrise at Valle de Lilis in Dominican Republic where you can see the sun, clouds and a mountain range

Few places in the Caribbean are as blessed by nature as the Dominican Republic. With long stretches of white sand beaches lapped by turquoise water, mountains covered in dense rainforests and a fascinating world of subterranean caverns and freshwater lagoons, there are endless opportunities to explore the country’s incredible outdoor playground. These six outdoor activities in the Dominican Republic are ideal for adventure enthusiasts.

Snorkelling or Scuba Diving


The Dominican Republic’s coastline stretches for over 1,000 kilometres, meaning there are plenty of prime spots for adventurous visitors to slip on a mask and snorkel beneath the waves. Under the sea, you can swim, splash and explore a fascinating new world. Marine enthusiasts can discover coral reefs, subterranean caves, the remains of galleons, shipwrecks and multicoloured tropical fish. Spot turtles and eagle rays off the remote Playa Frontón in Las Galeras, or snorkel amid marine life at Isla Saona and Cayo Arena. You can enjoy these azure waters year-round; temperatures range between 24 C and 29 C.



The Dominican Republic is the second largest territory in the Caribbean and among the most geographically diverse, so there’s lots of ground to cover with your hiking boots. Start at one of the country’s excellent national parks to walk through protected natural sanctuaries and learn about the history of the island and its people. Jarabacoa is home to the tallest point in the Caribbean—the 3,087-metre-high Pico Duarte. This is a challenging multi-day hike requiring a guide that can be booked at your hotel or the Armando Bermúdez National Park’s main office. An easier excursion is the hike up (or hop on the only cable car in the Caribbean) to reach Mount Isabel de Torres. There is a giant statue of Christ the Redeemer at the summit, an iconic landmark standing 793 metres above Puerto Plata.



Explore mysterious underground caverns of mineral deposits, freshwater lagoons and evidence of petroglyphs and pictographs left by the Taíno, the Dominican Republic’s first inhabitants. You can walk to see pictographs in the Cueva de Las Maravillas near La Romana, but you’ll need a boat to view the impressive etchings in the caves in Los Haitises National Park. Just outside Santo Domingo, one of the country’s largest underground caverns and lagoons can be easily accessed by foot at Los Tres Ojos National Park. For a real caving challenge, rappel into a large chamber filled with stalactites and stalagmites at Cueva Fun Fun, northwest of Punta Cana.



The Dominican Republic’s spectacular rainforests and waterfalls serve up some thrilling canyoning and rappelling opportunities. Head to Puerto Plata for an adrenaline-packed journey into the river valley of the 27 Charcos de Damajagua to experience adventures including 46-metre rappelling and 18-metre jumps into crystal waters. Canyoning at Ciguapa Falls includes a total of six waterfalls and twelve jumps of up to 10 metres. This epic journey starts with a hike through thick jungle, sure to delight any adventure traveller.

Mountain Biking


The Dominican Republic’s rugged rainforest and hilly landscapes are a mountain biking paradise. The central region’s winding, traffic-free roads from Jarabacoa to Constanza are ideal perfect for biking, complete with waterfalls to cool off along the way. The trails in Bayahíbe’s Cotubanamá National Park are close to the town’s white sand beaches and lead towards spring water-filled caves. Endurance riders will want to spend time on the trails in El Choco National Park in Cabarete, tackling the intense 50-kilometre (31-mile) endurance challenge.

Zip Lining


Enjoy a panoramic birds-eye view of dense jungle, sparkling beaches and emerald mountains while zip lining above it all. At Samaná you’ll find the longest zip line in the country. Glide in pairs or hang upside-down at 122 metres above the hills of El Valle. Punta Cana is home to the country’s very first zipline, built to suit new and experienced daredevils. The Runners Adventures’ 18-platform course boasts 12 zipline runs, including tandem zip lines where you can glide effortlessly alongside a friend high above the lush jungle canopy of the Anamuya mountains.

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