7 tips for packing food

When you head out for a day of hiking, don't forget to pack a snack! Here are some tips on how to maximize space and weight when packing your food.

Credit: Cary Bass

Even if you’re only going out for an hour or two, packing a snack for your hike is always a great idea. Whether you get lost, take some breaks, or just take longer than you thought, you’ll need food to keep you active and alert. But not every type of food is fit to be packed. Consider the following before heading out on your next hike:

  • Choose foods that are durable enough to withstand a day of being bumped and squished in your pack.
  • Keep weight in mind. The longer you will be carrying a pack, the lighter you’ll want it to be.
  • Bring small packets of condiments like ketchup, salt, pepper, jam, and peanut butter to add some flavour to your food.
  • Always remember the Pack it in, Pack it out rule: Bring any garbage you take along back with you. This includes fruit peels and pits.
  • If you need to conserve space or lighten your pack, bring dried foods instead of fresh ones.
  • Don’t forget water! You’ll probably be working hard and—let’s face it—sweating, so you’ll need to drink more water than usual to avoid dehydration. Janet Hughes, a certified Personal Training Specialist, suggests a minimum of 2 litres for a day of hiking.
  • Need snack ideas? Check out our top three.