Dec 8, 2023

Michael Spivak and Daniel Mazour—We’re Going for a Cold Plunge

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Welcome to episode 33 of Explore Magazine’s “Live the Adventure” Podcast.

It’s December. It’s cold. Do you want to warm up?

Or do you want to get even colder? Colder than you’ve ever been?

We’re talking up to your chin in ice cold. Frozen. And you’re doing it all for your mental and physical health.

Welcome to the world of cold plunges.

You may have seen it online lately. Folks submersing themselves in frigid H2O and claiming mental acuity, physical activation, fat loss and more.

Is this for real? Are regular folks like you and I actually doing it?

And are the benefits actually measurable?

Today, my guests are Michael Spivak and Daniel Mazour.

They’re the co-founders of Coldture, a Canadian company that manufactures cold plunge equipment for home and commercial use.

 And they believe in the power of the cold as much as you’ve ever believed in anything in your life.

 So let’s hear their story—and dive into the wild and wonderful world of the cold plunge.

Use the code EXPLORE when you buy a tub from Coldture and receive a free Premium Absorbent Mat—valued at $220!

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