Sustainably Sourced Gifts for Outdoor Adventurers


Adopt a sustainable attitude this holiday season and give the adventurers in your life gifts that benefit the environment.


Whether the loved one you’re shopping for this holiday season enjoys walking in the park or hiking to mountain summits, the right gear can make or break the experience. Our favourite gear often depends on functionality and aesthetic appeal, yet the sustainability of its production process is an equally important consideration. After all, it’s somewhat paradoxical to explore our incredible planet using gear that inadvertently harms it. In this meticulously curated guide, we shed light on sustainably sourced gift ideas that not only elevate outdoor adventure style but also contribute positively to the environment. Careful considerations lie within the manufacturing processes, ethics, values and environmental consciousness.


In the spirit of supporting local businesses, a significant number of the featured brands in this guide are distinguished Canadian brands and numerous items in this collection are from companies that proudly hold B Corp certification—one of the most prestigious sustainability certifications globally. B Corp, short for Benefit Corporation, is a unique classification for profit-driven corporations that operate with a broader perspective. These corporations are committed to benefiting all stakeholders, including employees, customers, the environment and society at large. This guide serves as a testament to our dedication to sustainability and Canadian craftsmanship, ensuring that your outdoor adventures are both enjoyable and eco-friendly.




Founded and based in Victoria, BC,  Anián is committed to creating timeless clothing that respects nature through circular economic production. This brand uses fully recycled natural fibre textiles from waste, reducing the fashion industry’s environmental impact. Anián sources from ethical, sustainable suppliers and support local manufacturing with small-batch production for quality assurance. Versatile gift ideas include The Field Coat for men and The Georgia Coat for women, designed stylishly with durable heavy wool for changing Canadian weather. The everyday Jericho Wool, available for both men and women, combines warmth and style that will fit in anywhere.



Vancouver-based DUER promotes conscious consumption through high-quality, versatile products. Their sustainability strategy includes using 85 per cent plant-based fibres like eucalyptus, wood chips and cotton in their fabrics to help reduce their environmental impact. The company-owned facility in Pakistan allows DUER to maintain strict oversight of working conditions, ensuring they are safe and fair to all employees. Great gift ideas include the newly released NuStretch pants for men, perfect for travel, hiking, running errands or desk work—the No Sweat Pant for men and women, combining sweatpants’ comfort with trouser versatility—and the men’s All-Weather Adventure Pant is a perfect 2-in-1 hybrid pant jogger.DUER



Cotopaxi is a sustainable adventure apparel leader that is Climate Neutral, Fair Trade Certified, and a Certified B Corp. This brand utilizes materials like recycled polyester, organic cotton and repurposed fabric, and is committed to the community through poverty alleviation and environmental initiatives via the Cotopaxi Foundation. The unique Del Dia range of backpacks and bags uses fabric leftovers from other companies’ production lines, preventing landfill waste. Other top gift ideas include the Allpa Roller Bag, the stretchy fabric Vuelta windbreaker and the stylish Solazo down vest for core warmth.Cotopaxi



Vessi is a Vancouver-founded and based waterproof shoe brand committed to minimizing its environmental impact through the use of sustainable materials in its shoes, recycled materials in its packaging and by giving back to the community. Vessi carefully selects manufacturing partners who align with their sustainability goals, and their shoes are made from vegan materials to reduce energy and water consumption. Vessi’s packaging is 100 per cent recyclable and plastic-free. Whether you live on the West Coast of Canada or downtown Toronto, the Weekend Chelsea and Everyday Classic make great gifts for the urban or rural adventurer.Vessi



Mountain Equipment Company’s in-house brand, MEC Label focuses on designing products for human-powered adventures while prioritizing sustainability and fair prices. Each product has at least one environmental or social responsibility feature. MEC is one of the few Canadian brands with an accredited social responsibility program and is recognized as one of Canada’s Greenest Employers. MEC has a unique “sushi-roll” packaging that saves millions of plastic polybags, and MEC works with other sustainable brands and invests in non-profit organizations that support outdoor recreation and conservation. For the traveller in your life, the MEC Northern Light Hoodie is made of recycled Bluesign-approved material while the MEC Delux Pillow uses leftover foam scraps from sleeping pad construction.MEC



Monos is a Canadian luggage and accessory brand that is Climate Neutral Certified and uses recycled materials like polycarbonate and aluminum in its luggage, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability. Monos is also a member of the One Percent for the Planet initiative and incorporates vegan leather into its products—like the Metro Backpack. One of the best gifts Monos carries is its compressible packing cubes, perfect for any type of bag. They zip tight for easy storage and fit perfectly beside each other in a bag. And if the traveller in your life loves chic rolling luggage, Monos has many luggage options to choose from.Monos



Originally from New Zealand and now in its first year in Canada, Kathmandu offers a sustainable outdoor clothing line ideal for Canadian adventures and international travel. As a Certified B Corp, Kathmandu demonstrates a commitment to transparency and continuous improvement through sustainability reporting. Kathmandu integrates circular economy principles into its operations and strives for net zero environmental harm. Perfect for Canadian climates, the new Heli R is sustainably made with recycled down, folds into a pouch for easy travel, and comes in men’s and women’s styles.Kathmandu



Founded by a Métis entrepreneur in 1997, Manitobah is a Canadian brand deeply rooted in Indigenous culture with a vision to make a positive impact on Indigenous communities globally. The brand is known for its traditional Indigenous apparel including hats, gloves, mukluks and moccasins. Manitobah is celebrated for its comfort, beautiful design and practicality in Canadian winters. In 2023, Manitobah became a Certified B Corp and dedicates itself to social impact and supporting Indigenous communities through various avenues and artists via an online market. Manitobah makes for the most unique outdoor lifestyle gifts and a few favourites include the Anemki Scarf, their mitts and gloves and slippers.Manitobah



To reduce single-use plastic, Cadence makes refillable containers for products like medication, shampoo or creams. Products are made from recycled materials, including ocean-bound plastic and material scraps and its packaging is made from 100 per cent recycled cardboard. The Original Capsule is the perfect gift for adventure travellers who want to minimize waste and not worry about leaking containers. The containers are magnetic for easy stacking and can be cleaned in the dishwasher after use.Cadence




Founded and based in Victoria, BC, Ecologyst is a newly Certified B Corp that’s committed to sustainably made clothing using recycled materials. Their commitment to sustainability goes beyond their products as they integrate eco-friendly practices throughout their operations and actively participate in local environmental initiatives, such as beach cleanups. The men’s and women’s Quilted Vests are both functional and fashionable for outdoor adventurers and make a great locally-made gift.


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