Adventure Island: The Ultimate Escape, for You Alone… or With 11 of Your Friends

No doubt about it, life is stressful at times. Noisy, messy; time is flying by much too fast, it’s all seemingly out of our control. It makes you wish you could get away from it all, some fantasy place where you could slow down the clock, get off social media, and be free to do what you want, in your own time.

Well—great news. You can live that fantasy. And, to make it even sweeter, you can live that fantasy on your own private island.


Explore’s Adventure Island, located at Lake of the Woods, on gorgeous Shoal Lake, Ontario, offers the ultimate eco-tourism experience—a destination like no other. Not only is it yours to rent and enjoy, but you get to choose how you enjoy it, whether that’s just kicking back in private solitude, or going on a wilderness adventure.

Alain Valdes and his family recently vacationed at Adventure Island. Like many others, they were tantalized by the idea of taking a real break, getting off the grid. (While also knowing they could connect via wi-fi for urgent matters that may arise.)

The Valdes family was immediately impressed at the size of that cottage. “It was big enough that we weren’t bumping into each other,” says Alain, smiling at the memory. “And the surroundings! I loved the pristine water. And later on the kids got to camp out under the stars…”

explore adventure island
explore adventure

Indeed, sleeping under the stars is just one of many island enticements. After a day spent hiking the nature trail that outlines the island, or indulging in other activities—whatever you’re looking to do, Adventure Island is, you might say, fully stocked.

“All the equipment I needed was there,” confirms Alain. “Whether you’re into swimming, kayaking, boating, snorkelling or world-class fishing, they’ve got you covered.”

Given all the outdoors amenities, the family was pleased with how luxurious the indoors were as well; including plenty of fresh towels, linens, comfortable beds and a chef’s kitchen.

explore adventure island

The Valdes family enjoyed their private island so much they’re already contemplating a return visit in the winter when it’s possible to experience snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ice fishing and snowmobiling—enjoy the cold winter adventures to your heart’s content knowing you’ll be returning to a welcoming fire at the end of the day.

“Put it this way,” says Alain. “You owe this to yourself. Everybody should get to experience these beautiful surroundings. It is a paradise, year-round!”

Alain says, “From the moment you set foot on the island, you’ll be so glad you came.”

He’s convinced Adventure Island is the perfect getaway! Why don’t you see if he’s right?

Book your Adventure Island vacation today—an Explore-certified destination.

Take a Closer Look:

Adventure Island

At A Glance

    3,000 sq-ft of living space 
    1,100 sq-ft open deck
    440 sq-ft pergola w/ 400 sq-ft canopy
    4 bedrooms, sleeps 12
    Private 9-acre island
    Dock and beach access
    1.2 km nature trail
    Washer, Dryer
    Towels, bed sheets, soap and toilet paper
    Bed linens, extra pillows and blankets
    Sonos Bluetooth sound system
    Indoor fireplace
    Ceiling fan and portable fans
    Internet and wi-fi
    Refrigerator, mini fridge, freezer
    Gas stove and oven
    BBQ grill
    Pots and pans, oil, salt and pepper
    Dishes and silverware
    Keurig coffee machine