Colleen Friesen

Colleen Friesen spends w-a-a-a-y too much time in airports. She travels as much as possible but hates to leave her home on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast. And, yes, she's a Gemini. She is also an award-winning member of the Travel Media Association of Canada, a Western Magazine award winner and a finalist in Canada's National Magazine awards. She has travelled to over 50 countries. She tends to wear a lot of black, a nod to her Mennonite roots and because of the colour's wonderous ability to travel well. She prefers self-propelled travel, spending time hiking, walking, cycling and kayaking with her husband, friend(s) or random strangers. She posts regularly on her Traveling Light blog where she writes about travel, writing, spirituality and any other random shiny thing that grabs her attention.


Spring 2024 - The Paddling Issue