Becky Mason’s new video – very exciting news

I just received an email from friend, Becky Mason. Her new video is about to be released – titled Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing. It looks amazing. Her last video on solo paddling was released eleven years ago and that one itself was a huge hit. The one plus for the latest film, however, is that her husband, Reid McLachlan, does the voice over. I like Reid. Him and I have played a lot of practical jokes on each other to lessen the stress of canoe shows we’ve attended. The best one he played on me was to squirt water from a water bottle on my crotch a few seconds before I was to go on stage to present. No worries, I got him back big time for that one. Reid is also an amazing artist and Christmas wouldn’t be the same without getting one of his unique cards in the mail. Basically, its a treat to hear his calming voice narrate Becky’s amazing talents.

The new DVD includes of course the new Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing instructional movie but it also has on it a spell-binding music-video with music by Ian Tamblyn; some behind the scenes bloopers; Becky has also included the original Classic Solo Canoeing dvd from 2000 on the disk.

I’m definitely buying this one.

Advanced Classic Canoeing with Becky Mason trailer and paddling tour dvd launch details can be found HERE.