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Based in North Vancouver, BC, Blonyx Biosciences caters to people who want to further their athletic ambition through performance improvements. Blonyx is emerging as a pioneer within the field of sports nutrition due to their emphasis on using scientific data to help develop their products. Their products, ranging from Blonyx Egg White Protein Isolate to Hydra+ , enable outdoor adventurers including paddlers, hikers, climbers and mountain bikers to recover faster and properly prepare themselves for hours of outdoor exploration.

Blonyx Biosciences 

Blonyx was founded after Rowan Minnion, an athlete and exercise physiologist from the UK, conducted a study that looked at which supplements increased strength and power. Disappointed by the difference in the results and what was being marketed towards athletes, Minnion started Blonyx with the idea that the products would be grounded in science—and thus impact athletic performance. While Blonyx’s first sale was made to CrossFit BC, their customer base now includes cyclists, runners, triathletes and others.

“We are in the information and wearable age where athletes at all levels are continually measuring performance,” Minnion said. “This is leading to more people training and behaving like elite athletes, being able to directly assess the impact of supplements.”

Blonyx Biosciences

Blonyx athletes are diverse, ranging from a wide variety of athletic fields and abilities, but they all have one goal in common: commitment to their athletic ambitions. 

“Hiking, mountain biking, trail running or other outdoor activities usually require high levels of effort over a long period of time,” said Enzo Garofalo, marketing and operations analyst for Blonyx. “Our supplements can definitely help with improving performance and/or recovery time.”

Blonyx Biosciences 

HMB+ Creatine or HMB Sport are suitable for those looking to improve their recovery time, whether that’s after completing an intense hike or after spending a day biking in the mountains. HMB+ Creatine comes in a powder form and helps prevent muscle breakdown. While HMB Sport provides the same support, it comes in the form of capsules and without the creatine. Both are recommended to be taken every day.

Multivit+ is a vitamin that provides micronutrients coming from natural, whole food sources. This can be taken on days when athletes can’t eat as well as they’d like. 

Blonyx Biosciences

Blonyx Egg White Protein Isolate is a must-try for those looking to embark on intense hikes this summer. Made with only seven simple ingredients, this product is packed with high-quality protein. Take one level scoop, add it to one cup (8oz) of water and shake to combine. Take it within an hour after training or whenever extra protein is needed. 

“Consuming protein shortly after physical effort improves recovery,” Garofalo said. “So it’s perfect after, for example, an intense hike.” 

To reduce the ‘burning’ sensation that arises during intense physical efforts like tough mountain bike climbs, there’s Blonyx’s Beta Alanine. This product is meant to buffer the build-up of lactic acid in your muscles (which causes the ‘burning’ sensation) and is best used in preparation for high-intensity training. You can take this every day to extend your high-intensity training periods.

Blonyx Biosciences 

With the summer months growing warmer and warmer, Blonyx’s Hydra+ provides a great solution for dehydration on long, hot days spent on the trails. Made with coconut water, fruit juice and sea salt, this product uses real food to help athletes replenish electrolytes. Ideally, this should be taken during training or any other increased physical effort as a means of staying hydrated.

Made up of only two ingredients—beet and lemon juice—Beet-It Sport helps increase athletes’ endurance. This product allows users to stay on the hiking trails for longer periods of time by improving blood flow and the delivery of oxygen to the muscle. Take this two to three hours before hiking to feel an immediate impact.

Stay out on the hiking trails for hours, complete a tough mountain bike climb or keep your arms paddling through the lakes this summer with the help of Blonyx Biosciences.


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Our mission is to help as many people as possible achieve their athletic ambition.

Blonyx strives to make the pursuit of your athletic ambition more productive, enjoyable and rewarding, by providing sports nutrition products that either directly improve performance or help prime the body to perform at its best.

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