Canoe Design Contest

Design Kevin Callan's next canoe and win ultimate bragging rights. Send in your design ideas today and he'll pick a winner.

Help! My daughter wants a Barbie doll logo on my next canoe

A few years back the gang at Nova Craft Canoe designed and built my all-time favourite Canadian flag canoe. It was built to help celebrate the Canadian Canoe Museum’s National Canoe Day. Since then its been on major television, portaged across the front lawn of Parliament, came close to flying off the pontoon of a bush plane during flight, and had countless other (mis)adventures on northern rivers and lakes. It’s not yet ready for retirement – and it’s still sea-worthy – but the paint job is getting a little worn, and more important, my seven-year old daughter is embarrassed to be seen in it. She says it’s time for a new canoe. Well, following Kyla’s advise I ordered a new canoe from Nova Craft. It’s good timing. Nova Craft has a new material out I’m excited to try – Aramid Lite composite layup that uses multiple layers of Twaron fabric, high strength vinylester resin and their unique resin infusion process. Sounds exciting – and light weight! They agreed to fill the order but asked what the next design should be; a Scottish tartan, an Irish shamrock, a bird decor, moose prints embedded along the gunnels…I couldn’t decide. So I’ve decided to let someone else come up with the unique design of my new canoe. The winners will get bragging rights each and every time the canoe is spotted on T.V., being portaged across a government lawn, being taxied by a half-crazed bush pilot or, better yet, being paddled down some remote northern lake or river.

Here’s the link to sign up and send in your design The Happy Camper Needs a New Canoe . Good luck everyone.