Find Your People: Canada’s Hiking Club Round-Up

We asked: "What limits you from hiking more often?" You told us, you don't have a hiking partner.

Recently we’ve been asking our readers, “What limits you from hiking more often?” 

We received plenty of answers related to backcountry safety and wildlife encounters, but overwhelmingly, you told us you don’t have a suitable partner to go with.

We totally get that.

‘Suitable’ can mean a variety of things. Maybe you want to attempt a long or difficult hike that your friends are reluctant to hike based on experience, confidence, fitness level or skill set. Maybe you don’t have all the equipment you’d need or a vehicle to reach a backcountry trailhead. Maybe you don’t know enough outdoorsy people willing to get up at 7 a.m. on a Sunday. Or perhaps you simply don’t want to wander into bear country alone. 

If not having a suitable hiking partner is keeping you out of the woods, we want to point out that there are a lot of great hiking clubs across Canada. Some are national organizations with regional chapters, while other are as informal as a web-organized, cost-free meet up. (If you run a smaller club and we missed you, we apologize! Let us know.) Outdoor clubs are a great way to meet new people, share tips and advice, and hike with more confidence.

It is important to remember that these clubs are not guided hikes. Hikers assume responsibility for their own safety. Moreover, it’s up to hikers to self-assess whether have the fitness or ability to complete a hiking excursion. 

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start hiking this beautiful country of ours. 




Alpine Club of Canada

Province-by-province ACC clubs: 

Membership cost: Membership cost varies, depending on your local section.

About: The Alpine Club of Canada has sections in several provinces.

From the ACC website:

“Regional sections of the Alpine Club of Canada are its strength. The vast majority of club members belong to a regional club section. Membership in a section enables members to participate in numerous summer and winter mountaineering, rock climbing and skiing activities, co-ordinated by experienced amateur leaders in their local area. The majority of activities offered by the sections are either free or are offered on a break-even basis to their members. Through section trips you’ll learn all the basics you need to travel safely in the mountains, while meeting new friends to enjoy your experiences with.”



Yukon Outdoors Club

Based out of: Whitehorse

Membership cost: $10 for a single membership, $15 for a family membership.

About: The club co-ordinates day hikes, backpacking trips, canoe trips, mountain bike trips, cross-country skiing trips, snowshoeing trips and various workshops for members to gain new skills and valuable information. The trips are open to everyone, and are rated from easy, to moderate, to difficult.


British Columbia

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Based out of: Vancouver


Membership cost: None

About: Wanderung is an e-mail mailing list, which helps connect hikers, snowshoers, cross-country ski enthusiasts and cyclists. With over 2,100 subscribers in and around Vancouver, you’re sure to find an adventure to join or others to join you on the trip you’re planning.


The Vancouver Outdoor Club

Based out of: Vancouver


Membership cost: None

About: The Vancouver Outdoor Club is a gathering place for those that love to get out into nature. Activities are organized by volunteers, and include hiking, walking, cycling, skiing, snowshoeing, sailing, kayaking, camping and any other outdoor-related activity that might be of interest to the group. In addition to getting outside, the group also organizes several social events each year, including dances and potlucks.


The Outsetters Club

Based out of: Vancouver


Membership cost: If you want your newsletter e-mailed, the cost is $23 for a single membership, or $43 for a couple. Add $10 if you want your newsletter mailed.

About: The Outsetters Club is an active group comprised of members over 50 years old. The club brings together like-minded people, who enjoying hikes that can range up to 22 kilometres in length, or walks that are about 15 kilometres. These hikes and walks take place around the Lower Mainland, the North Shore and the Sea To Sky Corridor.


UBC Varsity Outdoor Club 

Membership cost: Students $40; non-UBC students: $60

About: The UBC Varsity Outdoor Club is a social group that hikes, mountaineers, ski tours, kayaks, rock climbs and ice climbs. Travel and outdoor-minded UBC students and non-students are welcome to join. Members lead trips, run skills workshops, host presentations, and tune gear. For a refundable deposit, members can borrow equipment from the clubroom’s gear cache. The UBC VOC has also constructed a few backcountry huts in the Coast Mountains. 

North Shore Hikers

Based out of: North Vancouver


Membership cost: Membership is open to adults over 19 years of age, at a cost of $25 per person.

About: The North Shore Hikers are one of the largest and most active hiking clubs in Vancouver. The group’s volunteers plan activities for every weekend, year round, and there are also mid-week and multi-day events, as well. These activities range from hiking to snowshoeing, cycling, backpacking, backcountry skiing and trail clearing.

Burnaby Outdoor Club

Based out of: Burnaby


Membership cost: $30, plus carpooling fees.

About: The Burnaby Outdoor Club strives to provide its membership with a wide range of outdoor activities, including hiking, snowshoeing, walks, cycling, skating, skiing and much more. The club also invites guest speakers to its meetings, to educate the membership on topics such as first aid, hiking, natural history, equipment, etc.

Chilliwack Outdoor Club

Based out of: Chilliwack


Membership cost: $35

About: With over 150 members from all over the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland, this group is active in enjoying the outdoors. Members organize a number of activities each year, including hiking and backpacking, cycling, canoeing, kayaking, downhill and cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and international trips for hiking and camping. The group also participates in trail maintenance work, trail clean ups and trail development. When they’re not getting outside, the group organizes speakers and training sessions on a variety of topics, and also hosts social events like gear swaps and barbeques.

Ridge Meadows Outdoor club

Based out of: Maple Ridge


Membership cost: $25 for an individual, $40 for a family.

About: The Ridge Meadows Outdoor Club is dedicated to helping individuals and families enjoy the great outdoors. Hiking, snowshoeing, cycling, kayaking and canoeing are part of the list of upcoming events, and you’ll find guest speakers and skills training at the monthly meetings.

Valley Outdoor Association

Based out of: Fraser Valley area


Membership cost: $35 for individuals and $55 for a family membership.

About: With members from all over the Lower Mainland (mainly Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Langley, Maple Ridge, Surrey and White Rock), the VOA strives to offer a wide variety of activities that suit all fitness and experience levels. A schedule of activities is mailed to the membership every three months.


Pender Harbour Hiking Group

Based out of: Pender Harbour


Membership cost: Free

About: Now in its fourth year and boasting about 100 members, the Pender Harbour Hiking Group offers a way for members to meet like-minded individuals and get fit. Hikes are scheduled two months in advance, so get on the mailing list or check the website regularly to find a hike that’s right for you! Show up at the designated meeting point, and get hiking. Hikes are usually one-and-a-half to two-hours long, every Monday and Wednesday morning, but some full-day hikes are scheduled, depending on member interest.


Comox District Mountaineering Club

Based out of: Comox


Membership cost: $32

About: The Comox District Mountaineering Club includes over 150 members, ranging in age from young adults to seniors over 80! The group participates in day hikes and backpacking trips, as well as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and anything else the members might be interested in. The organizers strive to plan trips that are suitable for all experience levels.


Outdoor Club of Victoria

Based out of: Victoria


Membership cost: $30 for a single membership, and $50 for a couple.

About: In addition to regular hikes and outdoor activities, the group also organizes an annual 10-to-14-day summer outing, usually within one or two day’s driving distance from Victoria. Other, shorter outings are planned throughout the year and tend to last three or four days. In the past, the group has travelled to Waterton National Park, Glacier National Park, Banff National Park, Yoho National Park, Manning Park, Cathedral Park, Whistler, Mount Baker, Mount Rainier National Park, Olympic National Park and so much more, including trips to far-away destinations like Washington state, Maui and Palm Springs.

Kootenay Mountaineering Club

Based out of: Castlegar


Membership cost: $38 for an individual, $61 for a family of two adults and $8 for each additional person under 19.

About: The Kootenay Mountaineering Club has volunteers that organize year-round activities, including hiking, climbing, skiing, mountain biking and weeklong camps for climbing, skiing or hiking. The club also offers courses for various outdoor skills and the volunteers look after four cabins in the Bonnington Range, as well as work in trail development and maintenance.


Penticton Outdoors Club

Based out of: Penticton


Membership cost: $27.50.

About: The Penticton Outdoors Club brings together like-minded individuals for hiking, cycling, kayaking, snowshoeing and skiing trips in the South Okanagan area. During the year, the group organizes three-and-a-half to five-and-a-half-hour trips, and they aim to make these treks as interesting and user-friendly as possible.


Vernon Outdoors Club

Based out of: Vernon


Membership cost: A single membership is $25 and students pay $10. Children are free when they come with a registered family member.

About: Boasting a membership of close to 200 people, the Vernon Outdoors Club is an active group that enjoys hiking and cycling. Since the membership is comprised of outdoor-lovers in general, they are encouraged to share their activity ideas and interests. The group organizes a Tuesday Rambles event each week, and also hosts multi-day trips.


Kamloops Hiking Club

Based out of: Kamloops


Membership cost: There is a cost, but it is not listed on the website.

About: With the hopes of exploring as much of the Kamloops area as possible, the club offers a chance for its members to hike, paddle and snowshoe with other like-minded individuals. There’s a calendar of events and hikes are rated based on difficulty, so you can pick the one that’s right for you!

The Central Okanagan Naturalists’ Club

Based out of: Kelowna


Membership cost: $30 for singles, $42 for families or $14 for students.

About: The Central Okanagan Naturalists’ Club brings together members for weekly birding, botany, hiking and biking excursions. In the winter, the group also enjoys cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. When they’re not outdoors, the group hosts educational seminars on a variety of subjects.


Hiking Addiction

Based out of: Kelowna


Membership cost: The group hikes are free, but there may be fees for other events.

About: With as many as 60 adults participating on a hike, this group is fulfilling a need for a hiking group for young adults, from 20 to 40 years old. Check the website and Facebook page for events going on – join if you can, and if you can’t then maybe next time! The group’s website lists upcoming events and rates them in terms of time and difficulty.


Caledonia Ramblers

Based out of: Prince George


Membership cost: $30 for an individual, and families only pays $8 for each additional family member after the initial $30.

About: The club’s goal is to provide outdoor recreation opportunities for people of all ages and skill levels. In addition to a hiking trip every Sunday from May to October in the Prince George region, the club also organizes snowshoeing, overnight trips and social events.


Bulkley Valley Backpackers

Based out of: Smithers 

Membership cost: $25 for individuals and families for 5 years. 

About: The BV Backpackers are a group of friendly outdoor enthusiasts who hike, ski tour and snowshoe in the backcountry. Trips are rated from easy to difficult, run year-round, and include part-day, full-day and multi-day hikes. 




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Slow and Steady Hikers

Based out of: Calgary

Membership cost: None

About: If you’re interested in hiking at a reasonable pace, enjoying the sights along the way and not having to push yourself to the extreme, this could be the group for you. This club takes on all kinds of hikes, from easy walks to scrambles, but they don’t believe in pushing their members to race for the summit. In addition to hiking, this group also participates in backpacking, cross-country skiing, snowshoe trips, downhill skiing and any other outdoor-related activity.


Calgary Outdoor Club

Based out of: Calgary

Membership cost: Regular membership is free. A premier membership, which comes with perks, is $25 a year. Voluntary donations are asked for at each event, and go towards club costs.

About: The Calgary Outdoors Club is focused on bringing adults together to enjoy the outdoors around Calgary. The club has various committees, made up of volunteers, who commit their time to organizing fun events for the membership.


Calgary Ski Club

Based out of: Calgary


Membership cost: $50 for an adult membership, $65 for a family and $25 for seniors.

About: Don’t be fooled by the name, this group hikes too. The Calgary Ski Club was incorporated in 1935, making them one of the oldest outdoor recreational clubs in the city. Their mission is “to promote the joy of skiing and other directly related sports, in all their diversity and to foster fellowship, healthy living and adventure year-round among recreational skiers and outdoor enthusiasts.”

Calgary Weekend Hikers

Based out of: Calgary

Membership cost: Membership is closed due to the number of people on the waitlist. Check back February 2017, when the membership will open again.

About: The Calgary Weekend Hikers was established by a group of three friends, wanting to explore the Rockies. Today, the group offers over 200 hikes from April 1 to Oct. 31 every year. The hikes cater to all fitness levels, from walks around the city to more serious mountain scrambles, and moderate hikes in between. The club also offers weekend trips to mountain hostels or backcountry camping. With over 350 members, most over the age of 30, the club is full for now. Members are required to go on four hikes per season to retain membership.


Rocky Mountain Ramblers

Based out of: Calgary


Membership cost: $25. If you’ve never been a member before, you can try a one-month free trial before signing up and paying.

About: Dedicated to pursuing outdoor adventures, the Rocky Mountain Ramblers Association plans over 300 trips a year, including trail and off-trail hiking, scrambling and mountaineering, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ski mountaineering, downhill skiing, cycling and canoeing.


Second Sixties Outdoor Club

Based out of: Calgary

Membership cost: $30

About: The Second Sixties Outdoor Club offers adventures for outdoor enthusiasts over 50 years of age. In addition to hiking, the group also plans cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, city walks, golf and social events.


Calgary Outdoor Recreation Enthusiasts (CORE)

Based out of: Calgary

Membership cost: $20 for an individual, $30 for a family.

About: With about 180 members of varying ages, the group participates mainly in hiking and snowshoeing, as well as scrambling, urban walks, cycling, skiing, camping and social events.


Calgary Outdoor Nuts

Based out of: Calgary

Membership cost: None

About: This is a group of outdoor enthusiasts, average age about 18 to 39, who enjoy getting into the outdoors together. In addition to hiking, the group also organizes trips for scrambling, rock climbing, camping, backpacking, caving, mountaineering, snowshoeing, skiing and snowboarding. They also organize social activities in the city.


Calgary Scrambling & Mountaineering Club

Based out of: Calgary

Membership cost: $25

About: By making the Rocky Mountains the playground for this group, members experience trips focused on getting to the top of that mountain. This could be an easy scramble or more serious mountaineering, or anything in between. The group also works on developing the skills and knowledge needed for these adventures.


Canmore Hiking and Outdoor Society (CHAOS)

Based out of: Canmore 

Membership Cost: None

About: Self described as informal and non-competitive, this group hikes, bikes, picnics, paddles and more. Members are expected to organize one event each year which ensures this group remains a tight-knit outdoor community. 


Chinook Outdoor Club

Based out of: Lethbridge 

Membership cost: $15 per family

About: The Chinook Outdoor Club offers day trips for hiking, scrambling, cycling, backcountry skiing and snowshoeing in the Rockies. The group travels to Waterton National Park, Glacier National Park in Montana, the Castle River drainage, Crowsnest Pass and the Upper Oldman River area. You’ll need to be well equipped for these adventures, and participants should be fit enough to hike for up to eight hours.


Grant MacEwan Mountain Club

Based out of: Edmonton

Membership cost: $40

About: This club averages about 200 outdoor-loving members, and offers adventures for all skill levels. In addition to trips (ranging from beginner daytrips to more serious, multi-day backpacking and ski trips), the group also offers courses, workshops and social events. With a focus on safety, some adventures require members to complete a safety course before going, such as avalanche awareness.


Edmonton Outdoor Club

Based out of: Edmonton

Membership cost: Free, but members must pay for the trips they go on.

About: This is a volunteer-run organization, with an adult membership ranging from 20 to 60 years old. The club welcomes members of all skill levels, and you can pick the adventures that are best suited for you.


Edmonton Hikers Group

Based out of: Edmonton

Membership cost: None

About: Hikes with this group usually take place on the evenings and weekends. In addition to hiking in the mountains and other areas, the group also hikes in the River Valley within the city on a regular basis, and they also plan weekly walks, snowshoe trips, overnight hiking and camping/hostel trips and much more. Trips are planned to meet the needs of a variety of skill levels, so check the calendar and see what fits you!


University of Alberta Outdoors Club

Based out of: Edmonton

Membership cost: $10 for students and $25 for non-students. There are also fees per trip.

About: The University of Alberta Outdoors Club offers a variety of outdoor trips, experiences, social events, educational opportunities, free equipment rentals, local retail discounts and opportunity for the most experienced and inexperienced to challenge themselves in a variety of activities. All of the trips are run at cost with the help of local sponsors and a dedicated team of volunteer executives. In the past, these activities have included camping, hiking, scrambling, climbing, canoeing, rafting, mountain biking, backcountry trips, skiing, snow shoeing, ice climbing, winter camping, weekly runs, ice skating and an annual New Years Trip to California.


Red Deer Ramblers

Based out of: Red Deer

Membership cost: $10 per person, $20 per family. There are additional costs if carpooling with other members.

About: The Red Deer Ramblers schedule hikes every second Saturday between April and October, as well as extended trips throughout the season. If you’re capable of hiking at least 10 kilometres, feel free to join! The club has an annual general meeting every April at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre in Red Deer, at which time new members can join and all members can get a look at the hiking schedule for the year.


Central Alberta Mountain Club

Based out of: Red Deer

Membership cost: $20 for an individual, $30 for a family.

About: Bringing together outdoor enthusiasts is the goal for this club, as well as to educate its membership and promote interest in the foothills and mountains around Central Alberta. The club offers workshops and courses for its members, on topics such as map and compass use, beginner backpacking, backcountry cooking and more.


Fort McMurray Hikers & Walkers Club

Based out of: Fort McMurray 

Membership cost: None. 

About: A friendly group of outdoor enthusiasts who casually meet for hikes and nature-related social events.


Volkssport Association of Alberta

Based out of: Barrhead, Cardston, Devon, Medicine Hat, Red Deer, St. Albert & Wetaskiwin. 

Membership cost: $2.00 per walk; the first 5 walks are free. No membership cost but registration is required. 

About: Volkssport is an international organization that promotes fun, fitness and friendship. In fact, that’s their motto. It’s a non-competitive club that marries fitness and socializing. Join them to check out new places and meet new people on trails that are both urban and rural, gently graded and high alpine. 




Saskatoon Hiking and Skiing Meetup

Based out of: Saskatoon

Membership cost: $2 per activity

About: Join this group and take part in hiking in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter. The group also takes in suggestions, and is enthusiastic about taking on anything “outdoors” – camping, snowshoeing, kayaking and canoeing, for example.


Saskatoon Adventure & Social Group

Based out of: Saskatoon

Membership cost: None

About: This group is all about trying different activities, and meeting new people along the way. Besides hiking, the group also participates in camping, canoeing, snowshoeing, rafting, skydiving, skiing, snowboarding, bowling, wing nights – you name it!




Prairie Pathfinders Walking Club

Based out of: Winnipeg

Membership cost: $25

About: The Prairie Pathfinders Walking Club goes out on weekly walks, from April to October, and also organizes about a dozen out-of-town day hikes, on the weekends. The hikes range from four kilometres up to 14, and offer a great way to get off “the beaten path.”


Westman Wilderness Club

Based out of: Brandon

Membership cost: $20 for a family, or $15 for an individual.

About: The Westman Wilderness Club is made up of people of all ages and skill levels with one main thing in common – a love for the outdoors. The group organizes day and overnight trips, such as hiking, canoeing, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and camping. The group enjoys exploring Riding Mountain National Park, Spruce Woods Provincial Park, Turtle Mountain Provincial Park, Little Saskatchewan River, Assiniboine River and Brandon Hills, just to name a few.


Winnipeg Bike, Hike and Paddle Meetup

Based out of: Winnipeg

Membership cost: None

About: This group is open for anyone interested in going biking, hiking or paddling. Started in 2014, this group was organized as a way for like-minded people to get together.


Intrepid Hikers

Based out of: Winnipeg

Membership cost: None, but there could be some cost for gas and carpooling.

About: This group takes part in hiking and camping during the summer months, and snowshoeing during the winter, and enjoys exploring the province’s national and provincial parks. The group’s volunteers organize day trips and weekend trips.


Trail Blazers Outdoor Adventure

Based out of: Winnipeg

Membership cost: $50 annually, or $5 or $10 per event.

About: Founded in 2015, this group is excited to provide all types of outdoor adventures for its membership. This includes camping, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, skiing, shelter building, workshops, horseback riding, canoeing and more! There will be an outing every week, an overnight camping trip once a month and a base camp workshop four times a year (one for each season) about how to build and use primitive shelters. An intermediate skill level is required for most events.


Explore Trails

Based out of: Winnipeg

Membership cost: None

About: Join this group and explore a wide variety of trails around Winnipeg, and throughout the province.



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Toronto Outdoor Club

Based out of: Toronto

Membership cost: Free, but the club does ask for voluntary donations at events.

About: The Toronto Outdoor Club is dedicated to providing outdoor activities, social events and travel excursions for its membership, in and around Toronto. Outdoor activities include hiking, camping, backpacking, mountain biking, paddling, skiing, skating, snowshoeing, bird watching and more!

Outdoor Club of East York

Based out of: Toronto

Membership cost: $30 for an adult, $50 for a couple.

About: Dedicated to helping people stay fit, and enjoy outdoor activities all year long, the Outdoor Club of East York offers adventures in hiking, canoeing and cycling. These trips range from an evening, to a full day, to weekend or longer events. In the winter, members go on cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trips, and also take part in a weekly evening skate.


Toronto Hiking and Conservation Club

Based out of: Toronto

Membership cost: $25 for a single membership, $25 for a family. This cost is less if you’re renewing.

About: Boasting about 120 members, the Toronto Hiking and Conservation Club organizes Sunday hikes in the country surrounding Toronto, and also supports several conservation projects.


Wilderness Adventurers of Ontario

Based out of: Membership base mostly living in the Greater Toronto Area 

Membership cost: $40 per adult, per year 

About: The Wilderness Adventurers of Ontario is an all-ages, volunteer-driven, not-for-profit outdoor recreation group. Since 1979, members have been organizing hiking, camping, canoeing, kayaking, and cycling trips. In winter, you’ll find snowshoeing and cross-country skiing listed among the trips. Most excursions involve one or more overnights in a cottage, lodge, or tent, though day trips are occasionally hosted.


Halton Outdoor Club

Based out of: Burlington

Membership cost: $75 for an individual, $125 for a family (up to six members) and $45 for students.

About: The Halton Outdoor Club caters to individuals living in and around the Golden Horseshoe area of Lake Ontario. The club takes part in many outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and paddling, and these activities are planned with all skill and fitness levels in mind.


Pine Ridge Hiking Club

Based out of: Northumberland

Membership cost: $25 per family

About: The Pine Ridge Hiking Club is one of the clubs involved in maintaining the Ganaraska Hiking Trail, and members get out and hike in the Northumberland area, as well as hike down the Ganaraska Trail. The club offers weeklong getaways in rural Ontario, and even further away. Comfortable Hiking Holidays sponsors the club’s website, and many members use this company to secure hikes overseas. The club has strong social ties and puts on several social events throughout the year.


Ottawa Outdoor Club

Based out of: Ottawa

Membership cost: $30

About: The Ottawa Outdoor Club organizes day and weekend recreational activities all year long. Daytime outings are planned for almost every Saturday and Sunday throughout the year. Weekend trips are typically to destinations in Ontario, Quebec and the mountain ranges in New York and New England. Outdoor activities include cycling, canoeing, cross-country skiing, hiking, skating, snowshoeing and walking. Check the events schedule to see what might interest you!


Ottawa Wilderness Adventure Club

Based out of: Ottawa

Membership cost: $10

About: The Ottawa Wilderness Adventure Club is affiliated with Hike Ontario, and all hike leaders are officially certified. The group takes a limited number of applicants each year, and activities include hiking, kayaking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.


Durham Outdoors Club

Based out of: Oshawa

Membership cost: $20 per person, $30 per family.

About: The Durham Outdoors Club offers outdoor enthusiasts a chance to get together and participate in some of their favourite activities, such as hiking, canoeing, cycling, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. The club also offers a Wednesday evening walk in the summer, and many social events.


Guelph Hiking Trail Club

Based out of: Guelph

Membership cost: $25

About: The Guelph Hiking Trail Club builds and maintains trails from Cambridge to Limehouse, Guelph to Montrose. Members also participate in several hikes during the year, and cross-country skiing adventures in the winter.


Thunder Bay Hiking Association

Based out of: Thunder Bay

Membership cost: $20 for individuals and $30 for families.

About: The Thunder Bay Hiking Association offers a place for Thunder Bay (and area) residents to find like-minded individuals to go hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing with. Hikes are full and half-day outings, usually planned on the weekends. Mid-week, evening or camping trips are also scheduled from time to time. The skill level required varies from hike to hike, so check the calendar and see what suits you best.


Ottawa Rambling Club

Based out of: Ottawa

Membership cost: $20

About: The club works to provide outdoor adventures for local enthusiasts. In the spring, summer and fall, hiking is the primary pursuit. In the winter, the group organizes snowshoe hiking and cross-country skiing adventures. The club also holds several social events throughout the year, and long weekend hiking trips to areas outside Ottawa.


Elgin Hiking Trail Club

Based out of: St. Thomas

Membership cost: $20

About: The club promotes hiking as part of a healthy lifestyle, and organizes hikes throughout the year. The club also maintains the Elgin Hiking Trail.


High Park Hiking Club

Based out of: Toronto

Membership cost: $10

About: Active mostly in the spring and fall, the High Park Hiking Club organizes day trips to hiking locations within an hour-and-a-half of Toronto.


Bruce Trail Conservancy

Based out of: there are several sections of the Bruce Trail Conservancy, which offer organized hikes and scheduled maintenance of that club’s section of trail.

Niagara area:  
Hamilton area: 
Toronto area: 
Caledon area: 
Alliston area: 
Blue Mountain Area: 
Meaford area: 
Owen Sound area: 
Wiarton area: 

Membership cost: $50

About: The Bruce Trail is Canada’s oldest and longest marked footpath. As such, it takes nine clubs to maintain the length of the trail, each responsible for its own section. Those clubs host organized hikes and work to promote their section of the trail.




McGill Students Outdoors Club

Based out of: Montreal

Membership cost: $20 for McGill students, $25 for everyone else.

About: This group is based out of McGill University, but is open to the public. The group takes part in learning activities, as well as hiking, camping, canoeing, skiing, snowboarding, cycling and climbing.


Randonnee Aventure

Based out of: Montreal

Membership cost: $20 per person, and there are additional costs for the trips.

About: This is a great outdoor club that promotes socializing and co-operation. The group is bilingual and the volunteers organize events such as hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. The group travels as far as Vermont and New York for their trips.


Nova Scotia

Chebucto Hiking Club

Based out of: Dartmouth

Membership cost: $10 per person.

About: The Chebucto Hiking Club is dedicated to introducing people to great hikes around Halifax. Check out the group’s event schedule and you can determine which outing would be right for you. All events are at least 10 kilometres long, and the pace is generally set at four to five kilometres an hour. All walks go ahead, regardless of the weather, so drop in and get ready for a great outing. The group also does a weekly 10-kilometre walk.


Adventure Seekers

Based out of: Halifax

Membership cost: None

About: The Adventure Seekers are dedicated to bringing outdoor enthusiasts together for fun experiences in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Cape Breton. The group participates in hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, camping, swimming, bird watching, skiing, snowshoeing, rockhounding and more!


Halifax Adventurous Explorers

Based out of: Halifax

Membership cost: None

About: This is a social group, with the average age of participants being about 30. The group hosts events such as hiking, walking, camping, snowshoeing, kayaking, bowling and more. Hikes don’t go further than an intermediate level, and are usually 10 kilometres or less.


Halifax Outdoor Adventurers

Based out of: Halifax

Membership cost: None

About: This is an active and social group, dedicated to making outings fun and exciting. The group hosts social events, like family activities, scavenger hunts, quiz nights, parties and more. They also get out to go hiking, mountain biking, camping, swimming, surfing, canoeing and kayaking, skiing, snowshoeing and geocaching.


Prince Edward Island

Island Trails

Based out of: Charlottetown, but hikes are island-wide 

Membership: Annual membership: $20 for individuals, $30 for families, and lifetime $200.

About: Island Trails was established in 1994 as a successor to PEI Rails to Trails, coinciding with the formation of the Trans Canada Trail. The Confederation Trail is this province’s contribution to that great work. The new organization assumed an expanded mandate to promote, develop, and maintain a network of trails in the province. Check their events page for organized weekly hikes. Dogs are welcome on most outings. 


New Brunswick


Outdoor Enthusiasts of Fredericton

Based out of: Fredericton

Membership cost: $10 per individual, or $15 per family.

About: The Outdoor Enthusiasts of Fredericton enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities, and set up excursions for its membership. Each event has a detailed description, including difficulty and length, so you can choose the event that is suitable for you.


Moncton Outdoor Enthusiasts

Based out of: Moncton

Membership cost: None

About: The Moncton Outdoor Enthusiasts are a group of individuals that have joined together to enjoy the outdoors. The group participates in snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, hiking, camping, backpacking and biking. The upcoming events are listed, so you can choose which adventure might be right for you.


Saint John Outdoor Enthusiasts

Based out of: Saint John

Membership cost: $10 for singles, $15 for families.

About: This group participates in events all year, including hiking, biking, paddling, snowshoeing and skiing. There is a list of events on the group’s website, so you can determine which events might be the best for you.


Newfoundland and Labrador

Adventure St John’s Newfoundland 

Based out of: St. John’s 

Membership: No cost, just travel expenses 

About: An informal meet up group that invites like-minded outdoor enthusiasts to explore Newfoundland. Adventures are member-initiated and happen a few times each month. 



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