Go There: Off the Grid in Honduras

If you are looking for a winter vacation destination that's off the beaten path — consider Honduras, an up-and-coming outdoor adventure utopia.

Credit: Pam Johnson

Unless you are a diver or a snorkeler, Honduras is likely not on your radar as an adventure destination. Flanked by Guatemala, Nicaragua and lesser-known San Salvador in Central America, Honduras borders on the Caribbean Sea.

As a top cruise destination, the Islands of Roatan and Utila are world-famous for their diving but mostly, Honduras remains an enigma. The Banana Coast, along the North East coast of the mainland is a region mainly “off the grid.” It’s a place of pure beauty with terrain dominated by lush mountains, banana plantations, gushing rivers and miles of unspoiled beaches. A virtual unknown, it’s the ideal backdrop for new adventures.

Banana Coast Tours, a Canadian owned and run company with deep roots in the area, is in Honduras and ready to help you. They can create custom or privately guided tours and answer questions you might have about logistics for the region. The company is based out of Trujillo (pronounced Tru-he-yo), the capital city of the Colón region, which sits on a hill overlooking the deep water Bay of Trujillo. It’s an area steeped in culture and history. Christopher Columbus landed here on his final voyage to America in 1502.

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