Gregory Packs Launches Plus Size Collection with Jenny Bruso, Unlikely Hikers


After much anticipation, Gregory is launching its plus size backpack collection with Jenny Bruso. It covers everything from hydration to day packs to premium backpacking packs, with varying price points from $45 to $280. There are 14 different packs in various colours with both unisex and gender-specific options.

Jenny Bruso is the founder of Unlikely Hikers, a diverse outdoors community, hiking group and podcast for the underrepresented hiker. She advocates for normalizing plus size outdoor adventurers and better fitting gear for empowerment, inspiration, comfort and function.

This launch is a step towards inclusivity from an industry that typically shows cis, white, straight-sized bodies as inspiration. Most consumers do not fit this narrow mould of endurance athletes, which creates a gap between representation and who is actually using the products.

It’s incredibly important to have gear that works for your unique body—and to see the outdoors industry creating and promoting this gear on diverse bodies.

“For the longest time, when I was on trail, I’d have to take off my entire pack to have a drink of water or take out something like sunscreen out of a pocket because I couldn’t reach all the way around my back,” Jenny said. “When Gregory came to me about the possibility of these packs, I was so excited but also very aware that it was past time for these to exist. Why has it taken this long?”

“A good fit makes you not self-conscious on trail of how something is fitting and knowing that it’s not quite working for you. The outdoor industry doesn’t really see plus size outdoorists and I’m so excited that Gregory didn’t just design one pack that would hopefully fit everyone, they designed many packs to accommodate so many different adventures and bodies.” Tears of joy were shed.

Previous bolt-on solutions included hipbelt extenders, but this isn’t just an enlargement project. “It’s about getting people outside and connecting people. To have a product you’re actually comfortable in . . . has just been amazing,” said Lindsay Malone, marketing manager for Gregory Mountain Products.

At the core, this line is about offering trail comfort to hikers who may not have had as many options to choose from before. “I know that a standard-sized pack isn’t going to fit me . . . I want to know that something was made with me in mind,” Jenny said. “The packs are not just a larger version—they have been completely resized.”

New product features include:

  • Larger hipbelt with easier pocket access
  • Extended padding and support
  • Quick access pockets moved forward for easier reach
  • Load lifter strap extended
  • Extended shoulder harness lengths with easier adjustment access
  • Wider shoulder harness angles

“I hope that this is not only an invitation to plus size adventurers to finally feel like you can do anything you want to do,” Jenny said, “but I also hope that brands start chomping at the bit to actually help their plus size consumers. I want to see more plus size rock climbing harnesses and sleeping bags on the market. I want to see brands clamor to cater to their plus size consumers.”

Gregory’s new packs fit 2X to 6X, with a 40-inch to 60-inch hip belt circumference. Learn more about the new collection here.


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