Guided trip: Sea kayaking in the Little Bay Islands

Guided trip sea kayaking in the Little Bay Islands

Credit: Darryl Leniuk

With their colourful outports, icebergs, convoluted coastline and wildlife, it’s hard to understand how the Little Bay Islands on Newfoundland’s north coast have remained off sea kayakers’ GPS for so long. But this year the folks at Coastal Adventures will take a bearing on the tiny islets and shoals on the west side of Notre Dame Bay for an exploratory trip. Launching from Beachside, the tour will ride the prevailing winds eastward, meandering for eight days through the archipelago created by volcanic islands long before Newfoundland became The Rock. The boats will be pulled ashore to visit several outport communities, still alive despite their isolation, and will also stop at bird colonies and seal rookeries. Keep an eye to the north for icebergs and, maybe, a whale or two. Numerous islands offer shelter from the full strength of the North Atlantic and provide a scenic backdrop throughout the trip. The pace will be relaxing, travelling 10 to 15 kilometres each day, with nights spent in idyllic coves backed by coastal bluffs and treeless tundra.

When: June 24 to July 1
Cost: $1,995
Company: Coastal Adventures