Hiking Trail Review: Burns Bog Trail, Delta Nature Reserve, BC


Location: Delta Nature Reserve, BC
Park Here: 10388 Nordel Court, parking lot of Planet Ice
Public Transport: Yes

Hike Distance: 4.5 km loop
Hike Duration: 49 minutes
Elevation Gain/Loss: 20 m
Difficulty: Easy

What makes it easy? Flat trail with minimal elevation gain.

Trail website: Click here

Dania Rashid

Finding the Trailhead

After parking your car at the spacious (and free!) Planet Ice parking lot, a three-metre walk to the right of the building will lead you to a muster point sign. Take a left onto a fully paved trail and walk another four metres to find the trailhead. You’ll see a sign reading Delta Nature Reserve along with another muster point sign here.Dania Rashid

The Hike Itself 

The first 500 metres of the hike is on a gravel trail which is relatively flat, but a bit bumpy for strollers. You will be surrounded by greenery and wildlife. There are panels approximately every 50 metres indicating historical events and facts about the area.Dania Rashid

My hike began with a rabbit sighting and the fresh aroma of the flowers decorating the length of the trail. Don’t forget to wear hiker’s perfume—mosquito repellant—as you’ll likely encounter lots of these little bugs. Dania Rashid

After the first kilometre, you’re met by a fork indicating the start of the loop. I took a right onto a wooden boardwalk, travelling counterclockwise around the loop. The boardwalk continues for most of the loop, making the hike feel very smooth.Dania Rashid

This part will be heavily forested—you’ll be shrouded by a blanket of trees that provides shade from the sun and a nice breeze. This is a great place for birdwatching because you’ll hear many distinct bird calls throughout the hike.Dania Rashid

Other than the birds and some traffic noise, the hike is quiet and peaceful. There are wooden benches for you to sit and rest approximately every 100 metres and you can find a few more informative panels along the way.Dania Rashid

The boardwalk can get bumpy at some points because some of it is layered by a metal wire. About 50 metres in, the hike will transition into a relatively open area with bushes and grassland before transporting you back into the trees. You’ll encounter some friendly fellow hikers on the trail throughout the day. This area is especially popular among children, perfect for their curious minds and wandering feet because they will stay on the boardwalk within your sight.Dania Rashid

At the mid-way point of the loop, you’ll come upon another fork indicating an inner and outer loop. I took the outer-loop which is about 500 metres longer than the inner-loop.Dania Rashid

You’ll carry on through the trees and eventually transition onto a rocky dirt road for the last part of the loop. This part of the trail was muddy and wet during my trip, courtesy of the rain the day before. There were big puddles and mud to walk through. If it’s over-flooded during the rainy season, parts of the trail are closed off and hikers will have to reverse back to the trailhead in the direction they came from.Dania Rashid

Once you travel across the dirt road for a few hundred metres, you will reach the original fork where you started the loop. The last leg of the hike consists of walking through the same gravel trail back to the parking lot.Dania Rashid

You’ll see the trees clear out eventually and the sun shining at you. The birds continue to sing a farewell song and you’ll end up back where you started, hoping to come back soon.Dania Rashid

Before You Go:

  • Garbage disposal cans are found at the trailhead and every fork of the trail
  • Dogs are allowed on a leash
  • The wooden boardwalk can become slippery on snowy and rainy days—wear proper footwear and clothing
  • There are no restrooms or water-filling areas—the Planet Ice building before the trailhead may provide those facilities

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