Hiking Trail Review: Fintry Falls, Kelowna, BC

In Fintry Provincial Park, in the Okanagan Valley, water falls over the rocks into a small pool then continues to fall further down the rocks.

Location: Fintry Provincial Park, British Columbia
Park Here: Fintry Delta Rd, Vernon, BC

Hike Distance: 1 km round trip
Elevation Gain/Loss: 75 m
Hike Duration: 25 minutes
Difficultly: Easy
What makes it easy? The trail is comprised of many staircases joined together and though strenuous at times, it is considered an easy hike.

beautiful picture of the waterfallExploratory Glory

Fintry Falls is a spectacular natural wonder that would make the perfect addition to any Okanagan bucket list. Four hundred calf-sculpting stairs will lead you straight up the mountain to the main attraction: a series of breathtaking waterfalls that are sure to keep the serotonin pumping.

Located just off scenic Westside Road, which runs along the shores of Okanagan Lake and through traditional Okanagan Indian Band territory, the falls are part of the 360-hectare Fintry Provincial Park and get their origin from Terrace Mountain via Shorts Creek.

The park itself features over 150 campsites, as well as several large beaches and a few more hiking trails. The falls should be the cherry on top of your camping adventure at Fintry.

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Finding the Trailhead

The trail to Fintry Falls can only be reached by car, as there is no public transportation that goes to Westside. The park is 35 kilometres from Kelowna and 49 kilometres from Vernon. Once you reach the park, you’ll turn onto Fintry Delta Road and make your way down the hill. As soon as you enter the park, you’ll see the trailhead and parking lot for the falls.

Cabin by the side of the roadExploratory Glory

The Hike Itself

As we started our hike, we noticed the remnants of old pioneer houses and barns from back when the delta was a successful cattle ranch. We explored the ruins a little bit and came across some interesting artwork.

artwork on old buildingsExploratory Glory

The trail wasted no time—the stairs had our legs burning within minutes. We continued our trek upwards and arrived at the first of three waterfalls. This is the most spectacular of the three and many people choose to stop here. I recommend continuing the hike to see the rest of the falls.

There are several wooden platforms where hikers can stand and get up close and personal with the falls. This is the ideal Instagram photo opportunity.

first waterfallExploratory Glory

Eventually, we came to the top of the trail where we ate a whole bunch of Saskatoon berries. We filled our bellies and enjoyed the fruits of our labour, pun intended.

fruits of our labourExploratory Glory

Overall, Fintry Falls is an idyllic Okanagan attraction with a nice and easy family-friendly trek.

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Before You Go:

  • Exercise caution while hiking to the falls. Stay inside the fencing and barriers as people have fallen down the falls in the past.
  • There are black bears in the area, so bring bear spray with you.

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