Make iced tea from your garden

How to create this refreshing drink from the herbs in your garden

The only thing better than iced tea on a hot, summer day is iced tea made from the herbs in your garden on a hot, summer day. Here’s how to make this easy, caffeine-free thirst quencher.

  • Cut five, eight-inch stalks of fresh mint. Any type of mint— pepper, chocolate, pineapple, lemon—will do. A mix is even better. If you don’t have mint in the garden, a package from the grocery store will suffice.

  • Boil about two litres of water.

  • Add two tablespoons of honey and the mint stalks to a pitcher. Fill with boiling water.

  • Let it steep for 10 minutes then cool with ice cubes and some time in the fridge.

  • Add the juice from a lemon and extra lemon wedges, to taste.

Iced tea