Ontario Parks Has Raised $95,000 To Support Turtle Protection Projects

There are 340 beautiful provincial parks across Ontario offering fun activities and epic landscapes to enjoy. I love visiting Ontario Parks for a day trip or camping trip and spending time experiencing the beauty and peacefulness of these natural spaces.

These parks offer more than just places for us to vacation. They are important ecosystems and refuges for wildlife. Special projects have been created at many parks to help at-risk species. One example is the Turtle Protection Projects.

cute turtle by car Ontario Parks

Park staff have been busy figuring out ways to help protect Ontario’s turtle population.  All eight of the province’s turtle species are unfortunately now considered “at-risk” and need our help.

So far, Ontario Parks has raised a total of $95,000 to support the projects, thanks to support from customers, donors and sponsors.

swimming turtle Ontario Parks

Funds raised by the donations and merchandise sales have been used to install nest covers to protect eggs, put up roadside fencing to prevent turtles and hatchlings from walking onto roads, and build wildlife tunnels that offer safe passageways for turtles and other small wildlife.

These special projects have already helped to increase hatching rates, and turtles are safer from human interference and predators.

nests for turtles Ontario Parks

If you’d like to help support these projects, you can purchase turtle merchandise from the Ontario Parks store. Choose from t-shirts, socks, water bottles and stuffed animals. 100 per cent of the proceeds from the sales of these items are invested in the Turtle Protection Projects.

cute turtle tee Ontario Parks

Stop by any Ontario Parks store or visit their online store here.