Parents, Get Your Kids Outside and Exploring with These Adventure Challenges

Our Adventure Challenge Club inspires families across Canada and the USA
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We all know we spend too much time on our phones. The reality is, we rely on technology in our daily lives—to work, socialize, learn and present ourselves. So, why not use technology to inspire more adventures? More time with your kids? More climbing mountains and breaths of fresh air?

Enter the Adventure Challenge Club.

With real, achievable, time-based goals and incredible gear prizes, the team at explore has been pushing explorers like you—and your families—to get outside and #livetheadventure on our private Facebook page for the past three years. We’re so excited to share stories of how the Gear Boxes and Adventure Challenge Club has impacted some of our members with kids, just like you.

Note: This is a private Facebook group, so we received permission from the parents prior to sharing publicly. 


Taking time to breathe in adventure

With a budding sense of toddler independence, my adventures have changed. My adventures are much slower and shorter now. I love the motivation I get from the explore group to get outside.

My toddler was once content to ride on my back. This photo was taken on the East Coast Trail in Newfoundland last winter. Even before she was two, she wanted to walk and did walk over one kilometre to the viewpoint. This viewpoint was icy and windy. To keep her safe, she had to be on Mommy’s back. I look forward to building her hiking endurance and encouraging her natural love of being outdoors.



Indoor games to outdoor adventures

I signed up for the gear boxes after my nine-year-old son asked for a YouTube channel where he could record himself playing games. I agreed to record him doing challenges and post them on this Facebook site. It’s safer and way more fun for us. This picture shows him comparing the speed of the solid fuel stove to a liquid fuel stove while boiling water.



More adventures for the entire family

We’ve always been a family that spends time outdoors, whether skiing, sailing, camping or Geocaching. Getting the Adventure Box makes us step up our game and make sure we get out, not only with our kids, but our friends too. The kids get as excited about the arrival of the box as much as we do, and we often lose some of the gear to them! 



Get that extra push to adventure

Both my kids love the outdoors; one enjoys being a farmer like her dad while the other wants to follow me. I have been receiving the explore boxes since the first winter with the intention of giving myself the extra encouragement to get back out there. My nine-year-old quickly got excited about the boxes and the challenges that came along with them. She has made unboxing video upon unboxing video. She has drank out of any spring, creek, river she can find with the LifeStraw. She has gone for that extra bike ride in the evening to find pussy willows because explore said it would be a good idea. She has picked plants, collected firestarter, eagerly tried wall climbing for the first time, hoarded as many survival bracelets as she can and pushed for that winter camping trip. Even though runs may be faster and longer on my own, they are most memorable when my 11-year-old wants to join me. I love the solitude when I am out on my own but it’s never more truly adventurous as when my kids are all in.



Big families, bigger adventures

Here are my six kiddos after a strenuous hike up Sulfur Mountain in Banff in 2016! The youngest was five and the oldest was 13. We got to take the gondola down for free. Got to cross this off my list with my family. 



Remember to always #livetheadventure

We have always been an adventurous family, enjoying activities like climbing, skiing, hiking and camping. When my daughter was born last April, I was feeling a bit daunted by the idea of having two young children (and my step-son on weekends) to get outside on adventures with. Our life was starting to feel a bit city-bound, until I learned about the Explore Live the Adventure Club. I’m a sucker for challenges, so the extra motivation to get outside has really helped us set our priorities straight. The extra push has lead to so many moments out in nature, which make us remember who we are and why we are here! 



Nature’s lessons on a kid-filled hike

Ahh, yes… Kids and adventures, oh where to start… how about today. No school Friday: “Let’s take the kids hiking,” she [my friend] said, “it will be fun!” she said. Four girls (ages seven to 11) that spend enough time together to act like sisters, two moms who have had a slightly emotionally challenging week, six backpacks and four hours of travel time (glad we left the dogs at home!). Car squabbles ensued for most of the trip there, then the first half hour of trail was “I don’t like these shoes!” “My backpack’s too heavy!” “I’m hungry!”… the Mom threats start, with ZERO success. So we stop, leave them to their squabbles, while we carry on our adult conversations (which includes complaining about our kids). Then something happens… they are smiling, laughing, hiding behind trees, making jokes… all is well, all is happy. Maybe the fresh, crisp air? Maybe the view of the mountains overhead? Maybe the sound of the creek by the trail? The other mother took over, the nature one, and they listened. 

As always a lesson from the outdoors; “Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.”

Thank you explore for keeping me looking for the next adventure, with my kids, and enjoying every minute of it (well okay, most minutes of it ☺️).



The best adventures never go according to plan

Adventurous kids you say, where to start. We’re the proud owners of three children and for us it started as wee babes, sleeping in Rubbermaid bins in tents and roaming around in baby backpacks with dogs and other kids in tow. There have been plenty of “how much longer” and “I’m hungry” along the way, but in the end, the most memorable times are those that never go as planned. Getting caught in the rain, sharing an island with frogs or being chased by swarms of mosquitos while en-route to a waterfall are the makings of some of the best adventures. We are fortunate enough to have extensive resources within our family for endless places to explore and lots of company along the way. I’ve only received a few boxes so far but every time it inspires me to do more. I don’t always get to complete the challenges I want to but sometimes I end up getting a different adventure instead. This family of five will keep on exploring letting the kids run free!



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