Feb 25, 2019

Frank Wolf, and a Month in the Arctic Barrens (Part 1)

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What adventures are you planning this year? Maybe a weeklong canoe trip? A weekend of camping?

If you’re our first guest, Frank Wolf, you tend to think a little bigger.

Frank is one of Canada’s most experienced adventurers. He’s a regular contributor to Explore Magazine, as well as a blogger on our website, plus he’s a public speaker and he even has a new book out called “Lines on a Map.”

The book is a chronicle of his grand expeditions over the past two decades or so.

Frank’s latest story appeared in the Spring 2019 issue of Explore Magazine. It details an incredible, month-long canoe trip he embarked on last summer.

We caught up with Frank in Vancouver recently to chat about this article, his book and what he has learned from his epic travels. We also talked about toilet paper.

Let’s get going with part one of this special two-part podcast.

In This Podcast You’ll Learn:

  • What it’s like to spend a month (or more) in the wilderness
  • The logistics of a 40-day self-supported canoe trip
  • All about Frank Wolf’s new book, Lines on a Map
  • The power of nature and wilderness on the human psyche

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