Nov 30, 2021

Alan Dyer—Let’s Explore the Cosmos

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Welcome to episode 23 of Explore Magazine’s Live the Adventure Podcast.

Let’s travel—far.

Farther than any journey you could physically take.

Let’s travel into the stars.

I love the night sky. Stargazing is such an important part of the outdoor experience.

Some of my best memories from camping trips past have been of a night sky lit up with stars and streaked with the milk way. Or northern lights. Comets. A planet seen through a telescope.

Today my guest is Alan Dyer. Alan is, among many other things, the co-author of the new edition of “The Backyard Astronomer’s Guide,” written with astronomer and author Terrance Dickinson.

We’re going to chat about how you can become familiar with the stars above, what threats the night sky faces and what went into creating this incredible astronomer’s resource.

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