Review of Hap Wilson’s new book

I just read Hap Wilson’s new book and found it a very good read. My wife made the claim this morning that it has to be, joking that it only took me a couple of days to finish, unlike the common one month period most books take me. But why I enjoyed it may not be the main selling point for everyone else. You see, I know Hap. We’re not close, as close as canoemates would be, but we’ve hung around together for over twenty years, speaking at the same venues or hanging around the same paddling crowd. I’ve also followed in many (but definitely not all) of Hap’s footsteps. I’ve written guide books, guided canoe trips in Temegami and followed his general philosophy of “making a pact with yourself that you will never take a job that doesn’t entail some sort of wilderness travel.” This is why I enjoyed the book so much. I mused and related to many of his anecdotes.

One warning though; Hap doesn’t hold anything back in this book. He shares some incredible stories of guiding irresponsible clients, working with unprofessional guides, cursing and seriously scrutinizing the government officials sworn to protect our wilderness, seeing ghosts and spirits wandering the woods, and even makes the claim in one chapter “If you worship the outdoors; if you love Nature in all its splendour; if you are a devoted participant in canoeing, kayaking, hiking, or skiing…then my best advice to you is to not go into business as an adventure outfitter. Why? Because you become bitter, resentful, stale, cynical, jealous…”

Wow. No holding back for sure. But that’s why I liked it. It’s Hap. And if you like, or even dislike his views, you’ll definitely read this book in record time.

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In an age when “survival” shows permeate the media, noted northern traveller Hap Wilson shares accounts of his lifelong involvement with wilderness living. Wilson knows better than most how to survive under rugged conditions. As park ranger, canoe guide, outfitter, trail builder, and environmental activist, he has learned firsthand that nature can neither be beaten nor tamed. Trails and Tribulations takes the reader on a journey with the author through natural settings ranging from the austere to the mysterious and breathtaking. Travel with Hap as he takes on the awesome responsibilities of being a guide, faces animal attacks, blazing forest fires, the threat of hypothermia, and other challenges while on the trail, and seeks renewal at vision-quest sites.

Author bio

Hap Wilson has paddled over 50,000 km from coast-to-coast and is the recipient of the Bill Mason Award. He is the author of numerous books including Canoeing, Kayaking and Hiking Temagami. During the making of the Attenborough movie “Grey Owl,” Wilson worked as actor Pierce Brosnan’s personal outdoors-skills trainer. He lives in Rosseau, Ontario.

Hap Wilson Book Launch party Eskakwa Eco-Adventure Company : Georgian Bay/North Channel/Lake Nipissing Book signing : Hap Wilson ‘s Art gallery in Rossea Hap Wilsons new book: Trails and Tribulations was recently printed. He will be doing a slide show of his wilderness canoe expeditions followed by a book launch party at his cooperative art gallery 7-10pm RSVP. Other to date book launches are: MEC , May 27th in Toronto and JW Marriott Hotel in May (TBA) [email protected] 705-706-1148.