Review: Prior Khyber splitboard

All about one of the best splitboards for 2011/2012

Prior Khyber
Lengths: 150, 156, 160, 165, 170
Hardware: Voile

Our first day testing this board was like throwing it into the Dragon’s Den. A group above us kicked off a cornice into the couloir we were about to ride. The resulting avalanche scraped the chute bare to ice with rubble at the bottom. As a testament to the Khyber’s all mountain chops, it handled the ride down effortless. We even straight lined the avalanche debris at the bottom without busting a sweat. Variable conditions test: √.

Making snowboards in Whistler since 1990 the guys at Prior have a good reputation for quality craftsmanship. This board did not let us down.

No surprise, once we got out of the debris and into the sweetness this board continued to be fun to ride. The hybrid rocker/camber profile provides traditional camber underfoot for variable snow, a rockered nose for powder delight, and a slight rockered tail for switch riding  or the option to land switch from a drop. Not that we’re saying we did that, just that we could if we wanted. Just saying…

Along with a nice range in sizes to suit weight and height, all Prior boards are custom made with a choice of different top sheet (14 to chose from) and base graphics (15 choices).

Overall: This board is a great all mountain board, offering good, stable rideability with amazing pop for airing off any bump you can find.