Small town escapes

Finally ready to make the break from the urban grind? Then check out our picks of some of 
Canada’s primo adventure towns, where the grass really is greener.

Strathcona Provincial Park Lake Island British Columbia

By Ian Merringer and Jackie Davis

Life in the mighty metropolis has its advantages, sure, but if you love the outdoors, all that concrete and smoggy air can get to you. You start to yearn for an environment with fewer malls and traffic jams and more mountains and hiking trails. To help you find that place, we’ve scoured the country to select 10 of Canada’s best outdoor communities. These towns may not have the hottest five-star restaurants or the most happenin’ nightlife—or any nightlife whatsoever—and you’ll need to figure out for yourself what you’ll do for a living. But once you make the big move, you’ll have some of the country’s best adventures at your doorstep. And what else do you really need?