Swimming with seals

How to see the seals in Forillon National Park, Quebec

Seals are curious and never more so than when we awkward humans go swimming with them. So don’t be surprised if you get up close and personal with Fish Breath and Flipper on a snorkelling tour to one of Forillon’s seal colonies with Plongee Forillon. The company provides all the gear for groups of up to 12 snorkellers per boat to Petit Gaspé for a three-hour tour. You might also see some bigger marine life-during the summer the area is home to humpback, fin, minke and blue whales, though they won’t get in your face the way the seals do.

Directions: Based in Cap-aux-Os, just outside the park, on Highway 132 on the south shore of the peninsula.

More beta: Tours are run twice a day ($60 per trip).

Contact: Plongee Forillon