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These three regions are some of Canada's best in the summertime

Credit: City of Thunder Bay

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We’ve partnered with Ontario Tourism, Québec Maritime, and the City of Thunder Bay to help you plan your summer travelling. Learn a bit more about these adventure-rich regions:

Summer in Ontario: The high season for adventure

Wildlife, whitewater and warm sunsets that last late into boreal evenings are what summer in Ontario is all about. Whether you fly beyond where the roads end in the northwest, paddle toward James Bay in the northeast or experience the wild nature still at the heart of central Ontario, this is the season and place for discovery.

Quebec Maritime: Experience adventure where land meets sea

It’s in the maritime regions of Québec that the ever-widening St. Lawrence River finally opens up, as if in celebration, into an immense territory of sea, islands and mountain—abundant
nature is the theme in the regions of Bas-Saint-Laurent, Gaspésie, Côte-Nord and the Îles de la Madeleine. From Tadoussac east to Blanc-Sablon, the entire Côte-Nord region features exceptional sea kayaking. Guides and boat rentals are easy to find. So too, it should be noted, are the whales.

Thunder Bay: Natural attractions around every corner

Thunder Bay truly has it all. Its thriving waterfront serves as a welcome mat for a lake that offers endless boating possibilities. The hills, canyons, rivers and lakes that surround the city are a paradise for hikers and anglers. Between these two natural expanses lies a thriving hub where dining and shopping experiences await visitors in between adventures.

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