The Happy Camper: Camper Christina Talks About Solo Camping for Women

Kevin Callan went on a canoe trip with "Camper Christina" to discuss solo wilderness travel from a woman's perspective.

Credit: Kevin Callan

I was more than pissed when I read some jerk’s comments on my social media feed the other day. He stated that women are “asking for trouble” when travelling alone in the wilderness. I wonder if that simpleton has ever taken a glance through Google to discover an endless list of famous female solo explorers.

Here are just a few examples:

Isabelle Eberhardt dressed as a man, converted to Islam, presented herself as a Muslim named Si Mahmoud Saadi and began travelling along through North Africa in the 1890s.

Annie Londonderry, a mother of three, bicycled around the world in 1894 in under 15 months on a simple bet—and to show how a woman might see the world on her own.

Lillian Alling walked (and rowed) from New York to Russia in 1927.

Krystyna Chojnowska-Liskiewicz was a Polish sea captain and was labelled “First Lady of the Oceans” after becoming the first woman to sail solo around the world in 1976. She stated: “During the trip I was not plagued by loneliness. I was not lonely, but alone. There’s a difference.”

The list continues today, including some of my good friends. Dianne Whelan continues her hike across the Trans-Canada Trail. Justine Curgenven excels in solo exploration and is constantly travelling the wilds. So does well-known blogger Camper Christina (a.k.a. Christina Scheuermann). In fact, I just came back from a canoe trip with Christina, where we talked about, among other things, solo wilderness travel for women.

Check out my interview with her, below:

Watch the Video Here:

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