The Happy Camper: Complete Guide to Winter Camping

Kevin Callan's new book is out now! Grab a copy today—hey, maybe you were even a part of it?

Credit: Kevin Callan

My latest book was just released: Complete Guide to Winter Camping. It’s book number 16 for me. I’m quite thrilled about it all; even more so since the topic is something I truly enjoy—winter camping!

The book covers all styles of winter camping, from cold camping in a four-season tent to pitching a hot tent with a woodstove. Quinzee building, hammock camping and snow caves are also covered.

There are tips on choosing a sleeping system, warm clothing, staying cozy at night and travelling safe. Readers will also gain knowledge to outfit themselves properly: snowshoes, cross-country skis, toboggans, anoraks, winter moccasins, stick stoves… And with chapters on how to track animals, check ice thickness and identify tree species, the book ensures you’ll have a good time once you’re all bundled up!

The real bonus, however, are the tips, tricks and views added by other seasoned winter campers and explorers. (After all, the moment you consider yourself an expert in the woods, nature will remind you that you’re not.)

That’s why, when I set out to write a book on winter camping, I reminded myself that there were a lot more accomplished winter campers out there. The camping community is a close-net family of amazing and enthusiastic people. So I reached out to them.

I had authors like Hap Wilson, Jon Turk, Jim Baird, Boris Swidersky and legendary winter trekker Garret Conover write-up expert advice gathered from epic journeys across the frozen landscape.

I asked filmmakers David Hadman, Justine Curgenven, Frank Wolf and Colin Angus to send me tips and tales from their work on capturing the mysticism of winter.

I asked seasoned YouTuber Glen Hooper to highlight some tips; weathered outfitters like Paul Kirtley and “Spoons” of Frontier Bushcraft, Dave and Keiyln Marrone of Lure of the North for their added knowledge; musicians/winter trekkers David Hadfield and Adam Ruzzo threw me a tip or two (and some lyrics); and countless product managers and equipment designers from outdoor companies—including Jim Stevens from Eureka, Margot and Duane Lottig of Snowtrekker Tents, Jeannie Wall of Outdoor Research, Dan Cooke of Cooke Custom Sewing and good friend and tripping partner Tim Foley of Canadian Outdoor Equipment.

Social media friends sent me an endless hodgepodge of their tips gathered from their days and nights spent out in the beautiful, crisp, cold woods. Put all this together, and you’ve got one of the best gatherings of sage winter camping advice to date.

Enjoy the read and I hope to see you out on the frozen trail.

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