The Happy Camper: Double-Bill Movie Night with David Hartman

Kevin Callan talks about two of his favourite films from David Hartman:

Credit: David Hartman

Filmmaker David Hartman has done it again.

He’s created a film that captures the true essence of wilderness travel and the distinct characters of the people that gather together and head out to explore these environs.

Hartman’s story, a pay-per-view documentary called Keepers of the Trail (Vimeo), is stunning. The frozen landscape caught on film is beautiful, and the people trekking with him are truly captivating.

The film consists of a two-week winter trip down the remote Missinaibi River in northern Ontario. Joining him are Ontario-based outfitters David and Kielyn Marrone, the owners of Lure of the North, and legendary winter camper, author and guide Garrett Conover. Conover is considered a rock star of winter travel by the Lure of the North couple, and yet the fabled trekker let the young couple lead the way—hence the film’s name Keepers of the Trail. The film is available to rent for $1.99 US or $5.99 US to buy.

Watch the Trailer Here:

A second recommended viewing is David Hartman’s film Nine Rivers. It’s based on a 600-mile, month-long canoe trip across Ontario’s Little North; a trip that pushed all four members of the trip to their very limit. Nine Rivers, just as Hartman’s winter film, captures the spirit of a group of people on an epic canoe trip in the remote wilderness. The film was released a couple of years ago and is now free on YouTube as well as David Hartman’s Vimeo account.

Watch the Film Here: