The Happy Camper: Eco-Cookware Review

Kevin Callan chats about a some new environmentally friendly camp cookware he picked up. It looks cool, but there is so much more! (With video.)

The initial reason I got myself a Kupilka camp cup for the season was simply because it looked different. And I like having something different.

After a few trips worth of sipping coffee in the morning and savouring a dram of whisky in the evening, I’ve come to realize my new cup has a lot more going for it than just good looks.

Kupilka dishware is made in Finland from eco-friendly cellulose fibre product called Kareline: a bio-material of 50 per cent wood fibre from managed forests and 50 per cent thermo-plastic. The combination creates a BPA-free, food safe, rugged, hard wearing material that is dishwasher safe and imparts no flavour or odours even after extensive use. And the best part, it keeps cold liquid cold and hot liquid hot. No burning your fingers or lips on hot cocoa and it’s usable in temperatures from -30 °C to 100 °C.

I’ve recently added to the family. I now own a Kupilka shot cup I hang around my neck at night to keep track of how many drams I’ve sipped. I also ordered their soup bowl, which I dish out my breakfast and dinner on. And I also got Kupulka’s spork. I’ve never been a big fan of sporks, generally because they always snap in half a few days into trip. Not theses ones. They’re awesome.

Also, this Finland based company uses EKOenergy. Kupilka is one of the first companies in the world to start using green electricity and manufactures their product in an environmentally sound way.

Oh yeah, and they still look really cool.

Watch the Video Here:

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