The Happy Camper: Interview with Alone Season 9 Canadian Contestant Teimojin Tan

On May 26th, the ninth season of one of History Channel’s most popular shows airs. It’s set in Labrador’s Big River landscape, where weather and wild predators are unpredictable—to say the least.

In case you don’t know the concept of the show, it’s basically survival of the fittest. A group of contestants are dropped off in remote wilderness—alone—and attempt to be the last one standing. Each contestant displays their survival skills in the wilderness for 100 days. The winner’s prize is $500,000 and bragging rights for years to come. Each survivalist can choose ten survival tools, plus enough camera gear to self-document their experiences. No camera crews. No gimmicks. Alone is the ultimate test of human will.

Alone Season 9Teimojin Tan

This season there are two Canadians: Teimojin Tan from Montreal and Juan Pablo from Calgary. I had the privilege of interviewing both of them for my KCHappyCamper YouTube Whisky Fireside Chat. Dr. Tan was first. He’s a medical professional who now works as a general practitioner with Grey Bruce Health Services, including the emergency rooms at hospitals in Wiarton, Lion’s Head and Southampton.

The ten items Teimojin selected to bring on his survival journey to the remote wilderness valley in Labrador, Canada, are:

  1. Sleeping bag
  2. Ax
  3. Multi-tool
  4. Ferro rod
  5. Two-quart pot
  6. Bow and arrows
  7. Paracord
  8. Trapping wire
  9. Fishing line and hooks
  10. Emergency rations

Dr. Tan has been labelled the “survival doctor” and has a good following on his YouTube channel and Instagram.

Alone Season 9Teimojin Tan

Check out my Whisky Fireside Chat with him below and make sure to tune in on May 26 to watch History Channel’s Alone (Season 9). It’s also available to stream on STACKTV, through Amazon Prime.