The Happy Camper: Killarney Outfitter’s New Expedition Seaward Kayak

This is awesome news! Ted East, owner of Killarney Outfitters in northern Ontario, introduced a brand-new kayak design for his rental fleet this season—Seaward’s Expedition—and everyone absolutely loves it!

For three solid years, Ted worked with Seaward, a Canadian company based in Victoria, BC, on a new haul design; once they figured they had the perfect boat, Killarney Outfitters replaced their entire kayak fleet—80 boats in total—with Seaward’s 17-foot fibreglass “Expedition.” It’s what paddlers are now praising as the finest kayak on the market.

The 17-foot Expedition has a 23-inch beam, is incredibly stable, and I find the boat—especially the rudder adjustments—very user-friendly. Perfect for a rental kayak for the big waters of Georgian Bay. It might not be the most compact and lightweight model available, but that’s not an issue when you are loading it directly at the access point and heading out from there.

I love the pod compartment directly in front of the cockpit. It’s large enough to store daytime gear like snacks, sunscreen and bug repellent. It’s also extremely watertight—becoming a perfect place to store your fancy digital camera or cell phone. And for sizing, the kayak will accommodate paddlers from medium to extra-large.

Personally, I think Ted made a good choice with the Expedition. It works very well for newish kayakers looking to change up from inland waters and try more open areas like the expanse of Georgian Bay. It gives you confidence—and that’s a good thing when you are out in such big water.

I asked Ted why it took so long to introduce the new kayak fleet. His response: “Well, we never had a canoe [that had been] rented out for more than two and a half years. That was something we always believed in. Keep the canoe fleet fresh and new and sell off the old to make money for the new. And now it’s time to do the same with our kayak fleet.”

That’s a good business model, if you ask me. Thanks Killarney Outfitters.


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