The Happy Camper: Snowtrekker’s New Hot Tent

Kevin Callan reviews Snowtrekker's new Asym hot tent. Will it be his go-to winter unit?

Credit: Kevin Callan

I just got my new Snowtrekker 8×9 Asym hot tent in the mail yesterday. I love it.

The new design is asymmetrical in shape, maximizing the interior space and minimizing the interior volume—while still providing comfortable room inside the tent.

The Asym is one of many Snowtrekker designed modified wedge/A-frame tents.This is a self-supporting style. Lightweight shock-corded aluminium poles are packed along to form the frame and the canvas is pulled over. It has fewer guy lines than a pyramid-walled tent, like that of Canada’s leading Esker design. But the pyramid definitely has more headroom.

The front ridge-line of the Asym measures 69 inches (175 cm) high and the back ridge is 55 inches (140 cm). The front sidewall height is 35 inches (89 cm) and the back sidewall is 19 inches (48 cm), with a ridge-length of 85 inches (216 cm).

What that basically means is that the asymmetrical shape gives you plenty of room up front to move around the stove but less room to heat up in the back where your sleeping system is set up; making you cozier though the night.

The smaller inside volume to the Asym also allows for the use of a smaller stove. This gives you a lighter load, and is really all you need for a tent with such a compact footprint. It also gives the added comfort room that I like in Snowtrekker’s Shortwall tent. That’s a huge bonus.

Weight wise, the tent itself is just under 13 pounds (six kilograms) and the frame weight is just under eight pounds (3.6 kilograms)—for a total weight of 20.5 pounds (9.2 kilograms). Amazing for a canvas hot tent with enough space for two people.

Especially one that’s going to keep you warm, dry and comfortable throughout the cold season.

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