The Happy Camper: SOL Fire Lite Tinder Cord

I got the new SOL Fire Lite Tinder Cord in the spring and packed it away in my chaos bag for the season—just in case. Good thing I had it packed. Interesting thing, however, is that I didn’t need the cordage to tie down a tarp or tent. I needed it to get a fire started. On my last trip a major storm soaked the forest. There was no try tinder to be found anywhere. Thankfully, the SOL paracord doubles as a handy fire starter.

Campfire Big Gull Kristine Redmond

It’s the inner seven strands of ignitable waxed cotton inner core that easily takes a spark. And the outer nylon stealth provides the protection.

To ignite it you simply peel back the polyester outer sheath and put a match or lighter to the waxed cotton core.

The cord is 550 Grade, so it’s actually rugged enough to tie down a tarp or a tent. And the inner strands can also be used for gear repair, fishing line and more. The weight comes in at 5.6 oz for 50 feet of cordage.

Fire Lite Tinder Cord

Check out my latest video on my YouTube channel KCHappyCamper where I head out on a canoe trip to North Frontenac Parklands Big Gull Lake—and make good use of the SOL Fire Lite Tinder Cord.