The Happy Camper: Top 6 Outdoorsy Stocking Stuffers

Kevin Callan takes a look at his top picks for outdoorsy stocking stuffers. Which one are you wishing for?

‘Tis the season for outdoorsy gifts! If you have a camper on your list, check out these six stocking stuffers sure to please even the pickiest outdoors-person:

PackPillow ($45)

I just tried out this pillow on a recent trip and I have to say: it’s one cozy unit. Weight is about 130 grams, it packs nicely in your pack and seconds as a comfortable seat cushion. It even can be used as a six-litre stuff sack to store gear in during the day. 

EOG-V3 Pocket Bellows ($20)

This thing truly works! It’s a resourceful, collapsible blowing device that makes it easy to get your campfire going when it’s wet, rainy and downright miserable out. Made of stainless steel with interior copper alloy stops (to prevent hyper-contraction/expansion) the pocket bellows packs up small (21 grams). It’s the one gadget that campmates always make fun of when I bring it out—and then continue to borrow for the rest of the trip. 

Adventure Medical Kit Ultralight & Watertight First-aid Kit ($25)

You really can’t go wrong putting this in some outdoorsy-person’s stocking. The company makes excellent first-aid kits and this is one of their lightest and most packable waterproof kits. It contains pretty much all you need for a group of one to four. Another add-on would be a coupon for a first-aid course. You can have the best first-aid kit packed, but nothing beats knowing how to use it.

Jetboil Mighty Mo ($60)

New for 2017! Jetboil’s Mighty Mo surpasses any other similar single burner designed stove. First off, it’s lightweight (95 grams)—its size is comparable to a bottle of booze you’d find in a hotel room mini-bar. But this incredibly small stove puts out a mighty 10,000 BTU. That’s a quick boil—especially when using the Jetboil pot set. However, you can use any pot with this stove rather than just the one specifically designed for a conventional Jetboil. And the big bonus is the simmer control. It’s unlike anything else available out there.

Alone in the Wilderness DVD ($38)

This is a classic film. It’s also the film I put on when my students at risk get a little loud and uncontrollable. Works every time—just like a soother to a toddler. It’s so captivating to watch this hermit build his tools, furniture and cabin all alone and in the wilderness.

Purcell Trench Streamside Traveler Grill ($120)

I’ve used this lightweight, sturdy and durable compact grill for quite a few years now. It’s a perfect add-on, in case there’s no grill stored at your next campsite fire pit. Made of TIG welded, quarter-inch diameter, thin-wall stainless steel tubing. Weighs 164 grams. 

Give the Gift That Keeps on Giving: