The Happy Camper: Top Stocking Stuffers for Campers


Here are some of my all-time favourite stocking stuffers that will make anyone a Happy Camper this Christmas.


Morakniv’s Kansbol with Survival Kit

The Kansbol is one solid knife. The lightweight blade, made of Swedish stainless steel, is hardened to HRC 56-58, and Morakniv’s “Sand Grind” (zero grind) provides an exceptional sharp edge. The spine is ground to a 90-degree angle and its buffing makes using a ferro rod not an issue. The TPE-rubber handle gives it a good grip and the sheath mounts snug onto any belt. A bonus to the Kansbol is a survival kit with a sharpener and fire starter incorporated into the sheath of the holster.


The UCO MT Torch Arc USB Rechargeable Flashlight

Not only does this mini–MT Torch Arc light up the night with 100 Lumens of LED, it also comes with a built-in arc lighter in the tail cap. The windproof lighter burns at 1400 degrees. A one-push button operates the light and the lighter. The water-resistant flashlight is rechargeable (USB cord included) and dimmable. And the price is great at $20.


SOL Navigation Whistle-Compass

This is a perfect survival kit addition. The 1.25-inch compass is liquid-filled with an easy to read dual-coloured magnetic needle. It also acts as a high decibel whistle to use in an emergency. Remember, three blows of the whistle is the distress signal. The entire unit weighs in at a mere half an ounce and can be worn around the neck or you can attach it to your pack or jacket with a lanyard.


Adventure Medical Kit’s Ultralight/Watertight .5 First Aid Kit

Every camper needs a first-aid kit. This small, lightweight one is perfect to stuff in a Christmas stocking. The Ultralight/Watertight weighs only 3.6 oz. and it holds enough first aid supplies for two backcountry weekend campers—supplies to clean and bandage wounds, treat muscle aches, dress blisters and treat other common outdoor injuries (and room to put some of your own personal meds). It’s also 100 per cent waterproof, even in the most extreme elements.


RapidPur Universal Purifier Bottle Adapter

This water purifier system fits your wide mouth water bottle, creating drinking water free of viruses, bacteria, parasites, sediments and more. It removes pathogens 100 times smaller than traditional microfilters can remove. No pressing or back flushing required. This fast water filter is the best water purifier for personal use.


Easy Care First Aid AfterBurn Anointment

Burns from a wood stove or campfire are common injures while winter camping. That’s why I always have a 2 oz. tube of AfterBurn tucked in my first-aid kit. It’s an advanced pain relief formula to treat sunburns, scalds, stove burns and other minor burns. The gel is quick-acting and cools the burn. It also contains aloe vera to help moisturize your skin.


Easy Care First Aid Blister Medic Kit

This pack combines two of the best blister prevention and protection systems: Moleskin and Glacier Gel. The Moleskin is a proven prevention method for blisters, and the Glacier Gel helps to heal it. There are also alcohol pads included to clean the wound prior to treatment.


Woolpower LITE Men’s Briefs

Ya gotta put some underwear in the Christmas stocking. It’s tradition. You should make it a pair (or two) of Woolpower’s LITE men’s briefs. It takes away the silliness of placing wool pants over cotton underwear. It’s just common sense. They’re made of a merino/nylon blend that makes for soft and nice-fitting briefs and helps to combat the buildup of odour and bacteria. Machine washable in cold, warm or hot (60°C) water.


Woolpower Raggsock 800G

If you’re giving the underwear, then you can’t forget to add the socks. Woolpower 800g/m² Raggsocks are amazing. They can be worn directly against the skin or used as an over layer over liner socks. The socks are made from 70 per cent fine merino wool and 30 per cent nylon, giving one cozy, warm and durable sock that can be washed in a machine and put through a dryer.


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