The Happy Camper: Whisky Fireside Chat With Canoe The North


It seems I poked the bear a tad with my last article, Are YouTube Celebrities Above the Law?

I commented that law enforcement should throw the book at the two YouTube creators and outdoor survivalists Greg Ovens and Zachary Fowler for their illegal activities in Banff National Park. A lot of readers agreed, with comments like:

“Ignorance in your supposed area of expertise is unthinkable.”

“Idiots like that inspire others to be idiots.”

“I shudder so often when viewing YouTube videos.”

However, I had a few negative messages sent to me claiming that “all Youtubers are the same, doing whatever they want for fame and popularity.” I beg to differ on that one.

For proof, check out my latest KCHappyCamper Whisky Fireside Chat with Keenan & Ashley from Canoe The North.

I knew little about this couple until the interview, except that they have documented some amazing canoe trips, exploring the Canadian wilderness with their pups Hugo and Betty-Lou.

I have got to say, there is no comparison between the two idiot fake bush crafters Greg Ovens and Zachary Fowler and these two ethical canoeists, Keenan and Ashley. They are safe, skilled, moral paddlers who are driven by encouraging others to get outdoors—not to simply gain monetization money.

Make sure to check out the interview and their YouTube channel.


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