The Happy Camper: Hands-On Learning at the Maine Canoe Symposium

Discover why the Main Canoe Symposium stands apart from the rest with this Happy Camper video series:

Credit: Kevin Callan


Yup, I went to yet another canoe symposium.

This time, however, rather than sit in an auditorium and listen to experts present on their far-off misadventures, I actually went out and did something with them. The Maine Canoe Symposium is 31-years-young and it thrives on hands-on workshops: canoe poling, making a reflector oven, Dutch oven cooking, canoe sailing, restoring cedar-canvas canoes… the list goes on.

But apart from all those “old-school” skills, they also had new-age activities: double-blade paddling, stand-up paddleboarding and tons of kids programs, which turns this symposium from the regular “keep the kids at home” to a family-friendly event. Very refreshing.

Check out the series of videos I did during the event to see for yourself. It’s an amazing event that’s changing with the times—something very important if we want interest in exploring the outdoors to continue.


Watch the Videos Here: