“This is Canoeing” trailer released. Check it out

Great news. Justine Curgenven has just released the trailer for her upcoming video “This is Canoeing.” This is the same one I mentioned about this past fall and it’s absolutely fantastic to see it all coming together. On our drive up to Algonquin we chatted quite a bit about the work behind the production of such a film and all the very interesting people she had met and filmed during the process. The trailer speaks volumes of what’s to come. Truly, the stories that Justine had on our drive very much defined all what is about canoeing. I can’t wait for this film to be released. Check out the trailer.

Film Description: “THIS IS CANOEING is a 2-disc celebration of canoeing, showcasing top single-blade paddlers in their pursuit of remote wilderness journeys or challenging white water. Multi-award winning film maker, Justine Curgenven captures the essence of canoeing in 12 short films. From open canoe slalom races to 1,000 mile birchbark expeditions, Justine provides insights into the diversity of the sport and the influential people who tell its story. Immerse yourself in this globe-trotting 3 hours of adventure to world class canoeing destinations in Canada, the United States, Scotland & Wales. Cackletv.com