This Saturday is Officially Global “Sleep Under The Stars” Night


Did you know companies and organizations can register a holiday with National Day Calendar? Seattle-based outdoor adventure brand Eddie Bauer has claimed August 8th as “Sleep Under the Stars” Night.

This global event celebrates the brand’s 100-year anniversary while encouraging everyone to get outside (safely) and spend a night in the wild.

“Whether you’re in your backyard, a local campsite or Everest basecamp, the power of getting outside and gazing up at the stars is undeniable,” says Damien Huang, Eddie Bauer president. “It’s our brand’s mission to bring the benefits of the outdoors to everyone. As part of our commitment to this goal, we hope that encouraging people to come together under the same stars is another way to help more folks feel invited, accepted and included in a shared outdoor experience.”

In 1920, Eddie Bauer began selling his brand inside a gun shop in downtown Seattle. As a Pacific Northwest outdoorsman, he knew the importance of quality gear products built to last. After surviving hypothermia in 1936, Bauer patented the first quilted down jacket, which is still a staple for many Canadian adventurers today. His wife, “Stine” Bauer, was an advocate for women in the outdoors and insisted on a women’s department in Bauer’s Sport Shop.

Even if you can’t camp this Saturday, join the event virtually and enter to win amazing prizes, including a trip for two to Rocky Mountain National Park!

For more information on this weekend’s inaugural event, click here.



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