Visit Chic-Chocs Mountain Lodge

Visit this intimate lodge where the wildlife is just steps from your door.

Sponsored by Québec Maritime

Perched 615 metres above sea level in the Matane Wildlife Reserve, the Chic-Chocs Mountain Lodge is ideally situated for the adventurer who wants to be able to step outside the front door and into a mountain playground. The comfortable lodge accommodates only 36 guests at a time, making it intimate, and with lively common areas it’s a casually social place. The lodge’s balconies and large windows offer superb views of bare mountain peaks, the Chute Hélène waterfalls and rolling virgin forest. With 60 kilometres of hiking trails, two 1,000- metre peaks nearby, 200 kilometres of forest roads for bicycling and a whole range of bare summits and deep valleys to explore, the options are almost endless. Go with a guide, or set out looking for the resident moose, caribou and birds of prey on your own.

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