We Talk Nutrition, Diet and Supplements with Endurance Athlete Adam O’Meara

An interview with Canadian endurance athlete Adam O'Meara

Adam O’Meara’s career as an endurance athlete began at the relatively late age of 19 years old.  His passion for running continued to grow as he did. Soon, he took up the challenge of triathlon and Ironman distance races.

Adam won several races at the community level and finished in the top 10 in several full Ironman events. Working with high-level coaches over the years provided him with in-depth insights into what it truly takes to be a top-level athlete. What Adam learned as an athlete carries over into his day-to-day approach to life work and play.

I called up Adam to talk nutrition, diet and supplements from his experience as an endurance athlete and PURICA representative on Vancouver Island.

Note: Conversation has been edited for clarity and length.

Alison: Can you tell me a bit about your training regimen?

Adam: “I don’t race triathlons anymore, but in April we have a 10K race in Victoria, and I typically run that. I also did a half-marathon in May while pushing my daughter in a running stroller—and I won it.”

“I can’t quite train to the level I was at before, but I still push myself and have fun. I’m also thinking about getting into SUP boarding as I phase out of my competitive days.”


Alison: What drew you to PURICA?

Adam: “I actually reached out to them for sponsorship as an athlete. I wanted to try PURICA Recovery and their Cordyceps medicinal mushroom product. The next day, a package arrived at my door.”

“They’re very generous people. I tried [the products they sent] and with the Cordyceps especially, I felt like my overall vitality and health improved. I felt more resilient. I took therapeutic doses of PURICA Recovery when I broke my elbow, and the doctors were blown away with how well it healed. I then went on a trial period with PURICA in a minor sales position. That role grew, and now I service all of [Vancouver] island.”


Alison: Are there specific PURICA products you use every day?

Adam: “I take our mushrooms and one of our cardiovascular products—PURICA Provascin—pretty much daily. The scientific literature on the ingredients that are in there is very good.”

“Endurance sport and high-intensity stress can damage your heart—that type of training is not normal. I take those products preventatively.”

Alison: How do you stay fit and healthy while running and training intensely?

Adam: “For me, it’s quite simple. I eat very little junk food—you can’t pay me to go to a fast food restaurant. I follow a pretty strict diet of whole foods. I source food from clean, high-quality sources and eat a lot of vegetables and fruit.”

“I seek out nutrient dense foods and focus on micro-nutrients. I look for trace minerals, vitamins and mushrooms that nourish the body and work with the cells. Nature has compounds that will interact with your body to create immunity.”

“For others, I suggest doing your research. Companies like PURICA are very open about the science behind their products. Focusing on your health is especially important for athletes and individuals who are extremely active—there’s a PURICA product to help with almost any issue, so you can address potential problems or weaknesses and use supplements to prevent that.”


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