What body part rhymes with Regina?

Life with a four year old is never dull. Take last week for example. I was doing a number of live radio interviews for my Wilderness Pleasures book, averaging one or two every morning. How my wife and I worked out the morning schedule was that she would make sure our daughter, Kyla, would stay downstairs with her while I went upstairs to do the interview over the phone. Everything went well, that is until Collingwood’s Peak FM called. A couple minutes into the interview Kyla wandered upstairs, pulled on my pant leg while I was talking live on radio, and asked me a question: “Dad, what’s the place in Canada that rhymes with Vagina?”

Needless to say I didn’t give her an answer right away. The host of the show wanted to, but Alana, listening on-line downstairs, discovered where Kyla had gotten to when she heard her sweet little voice on radio, and was able to take her back downstairs before she repeated the question.

Where I found myself the next day was in the CBC Radio syndicate studio in Toronto. I was to do fourteen interviews from coast to coast during a four hour stint. How it worked was pretty cool. Hosts from various Canadian cities – Whitehorse to Charlottetown – would phone in one at a time, interview me for 10-12 minutes, leaving me a 2-3 minute interval to prepare for the next interview. The disadvantage was that I never had time to pee. That was nasty. But the main advantage was I was able to do the interviews away from home, and away from Kyla’s possible question period.

But like I’ve stated before, my life never goes as planned. Yes, you guessed it. The first city to phone in for the radio interview was Regina.

When the host announced himself and where he was calling from, I had a giggle fit for the first minute or so. Thankfully it wasn’t live. It was pre-taped and they were able to start the interview over again. And no, the host didn’t find my story behind my uncontrollable laughter very funny…but I certainly did.