Year-Round Adventure Activities in Penticton, BC

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Penticton, British Columbia is a mecca for outdoor adventurers and a splendid year-round destination. Situated in the breathtaking South Okanagan Valley, Penticton is known for its idyllic location between Okanagan Lake and Skaha Lake and is elegantly embraced by the surrounding mountains. Popular for its many beaches and parks, Penticton is also home to world-class wineries, breweries and restaurants serving up delicious local cuisine. The city hosts an array of annual festivals including art, music and sport events that attract tourists from near and far.

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In the springtime, Penticton comes alive as a beautiful and vibrant city. The air has a light scent of blossoming flowers, and the sun brings warmth to the streets. There are bright greens all around as trees come alive again with fresh foliage. The days feel energizing, with plenty of outdoor activity options like cycling and taking leisurely strolls along Okanagan Lake’s shoreline. In the autumn, Penticton offers stunning views of changing leaves in oranges, reds and yellows set against the serene lake water, while wintertime brings an exciting snow sports season for adventure lovers. Summer means long beach days on the waterfront, enjoying swimming or paddle boarding. This lovely city is sure to provide lasting memories of fun-filled activities both on land and water. No matter what season you visit Penticton, there’s something special about this city that makes it worth coming back to year after year.

Here are some of the adventures you can experience in Penticton, BC:


Mountain Biking

This BC town offers exceptional mountain biking trailsVisit Penticton

Penticton offers exceptional mountain biking trails designed by experienced bikers to feature smooth transitions and perfect berms and jumps. The scenery is breathtaking as you cruise these routes, adding to the overall experience of biking in this beautiful region.

Due to its dry nature, compared to coastal locales such as Squamish or Whistler, Penticton offers an extra-long mountain biking season. Whether it’s your first time on two wheels or you’ve been riding forever, come discover why Penticton is one of Canada’s premier destinations for mountain biking.

Three Blind Mice is an incredible mountain biking park with 90 unique trails to explore. The terrain ranges from rocky hills and bluffs to lush pine forests and open grasslands. Along the routes, you’ll find amazing vistas of Okanagan Lake dotted with orchards and vineyards. It’s a thrilling adventure for any biker looking for a challenge!

Campbell Mountain is a must-visit spot for any mountain biking enthusiast. Featuring 40 trails, the park has something to offer riders of all skill levels, from rocky and rooty terrain to gravel and mud paths. It’s also an excellent location to learn the basics of mountain biking and develop your skills.


Rock Climbing at Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park

Skaha Climbers FestivalVisit Penticton

Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park is one of the world’s top rock-climbing destinations and offers a range of thrilling challenges for all skill levels. With guided tours from Skaha Rock Adventures, you can enjoy an exciting day out in the bluffs where you can learn new techniques, perfect existing skills, or just take in some breathtaking views while climbing! From beginner-friendly routes to more advanced climbs that will test your abilities, come explore why this park is renowned by climbers around the globe.


Kayaking and SUP

Kayak and SUP on the beautiful calm lake waterVisit Penticton

Kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding are two of the most popular outdoor activities in Penticton. Cruise around Skaha Lake or Okanagan Lake with a rental from one of the local companies, such as Sun N’ Sup or Hoodoo Adventure, and relish in the freedom to pull up on one of the many beaches and have it all to yourself. From wild waves to calm coves, kayaking and SUP in Penticton provides an unforgettable experience.


Park the Car and Explore

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Penticton is the perfect spot for exploring without relying on your car. Walking around this lovely city will give you peace of mind knowing you left less of an impact while you explore fuel-free. Whether you’re taking a stroll through one of the many parks and trails or challenging yourself with an outdoor adventure like rock climbing or mountain biking, you can feel good knowing that you are helping the environment while being immersed in nature. With so much to do within walking distance of downtown, you can leave your car at the hotel and enjoy all that this city has to offer!


Local Cuisine

Delicious food for hungry adventurersVisit Penticton

Penticton has a wealth of fresh, local cuisine to fuel up before your next big adventure. With curated culinary trails, you can explore by following your taste buds. From traditional Okanagan dishes to innovative new flavors, enjoy the vibrant food scene while discovering some of Penticton’s most iconic locations.


Craft Breweries and Wineries

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After a day full of adventure in Penticton, reward yourself with a crisp, fresh, local craft beer. Enjoy the unique flavours of an Okanagan brew while taking in the sights—a perfect way to cap off your adventure in this beautiful part of the world.

Not into beer? Penticton is in the middle of one of Canada’s top wine producing regions, boasting close to 100 nearby wineries that are ready to be explored. With a range of varieties such as Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, you can sample some delicious vintages while discovering why this region is a connoisseur’s dream come true.


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Penticton is a popular destination for all types of visitors. With our city’s deep roots of agriculture, craft and Indigenous culture and outdoor recreation, Penticton is an iconic destination that needs to be experienced multiple times throughout the year.