David Webb

David Webb is the President of Explore Outdoor Media Inc., publisher and editor-in-chief of Explore Magazine and host of Explore's "Live the Adventure Podcast." He is an engaging writer with hundreds of bylines to his name, in multiple medias, and on topics ranging from outdoor adventure, to international travel, to local culture, to current events and more. He has been recognized at the National Magazine Awards (6x), Explore Canada Awards of Excellence (3x), Western Magazine Awards, IRMA Awards (6x) and the Canadian Newsstand Marketing Awards (3x).


Bear Safety 101

It’s never too early to educate yourself for next year’s camping season. Here are some tactics for dealing with bears in the bushes.

Sarah Cormode—Let’s Talk About Ticks

Welcome to episode 29 of Explore Magazine’s Live the Adventure Podcast. Today’s conversation is with Sarah Cormode, from the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation. Sarah is a podcaster and has had the opportunity to speak with dozens of experts in the field of medicine and outdoor safety and education.

Caroline Cote-An Expedition Across Antarctica

Welcome to episode 28 of Explore Magazine’s Live the Adventure Podcast. Today, my guest is Caroline Cote. And as I hit publish, she is (ideally) in the final week or so of a self-supported ski expedition across Antarctica to the South Pole.

Spring 2024 - The Paddling Issue